Month: July 2017

Almedalsveckan 2017

The Nordic healthcare system is undergoing a paradigm shift. In addition to many other things, Almedalsveckan 2017, on the Swedish island Gotland, was a week of dialogue between competent and courageous people who lead the digitalization of Swedish healthcare from different perspectives – startups, healthcare providers, politicians and industry. And the subject was high on the agenda this year. Many people attending Almedalsveckan for other reasons joined, engaging in the future of healthcare on a more personal note.

Marianne Larsson, Director HealthTech Nordic, Min Doktor, Coala Life, AppInMed, Arthro, Cross Technology Solutions and many more from the Nordic community were there, contributing to the discussions.

– As in all paradigm shifts, people who really need the change will push the development forward. For example, patients with chronic diseases in need of self-care solutions. I’m so proud of the 80 fantastic startups members in HealthTech Nordic that are ready to contribute with innovative solutions, says Marianne Larsson, Director HealthTech Nordic.

Several dialogues and panel debates during Almedalsveckan highlighted how citizens already push the digital development forward, increalingly utilizing online medical services, such as MinDoktor and Kry. These two companies break new ground and pave the way for the next wave, such as remote monitoring of cronical conditions and diagnose tools based on big data and artificial intelligence.

Patient safety, integrity, regulatory issues and compensation systems were flagged as challenges and hurdles in digitalization of healthcare.

– It’s important to raise these challenges. Sometimes these issues turn out to be myths and mind ghosts, sometimes it’s real challenges that need to be handled to move forward. Yet, I have not encountered anything that can’t be solved.

Marianne summarize the week:

– Let’s maintain and facilitate an open dialogue between startups, public and private healthcare providers, industry, patients, citizens, politicians, academia and others, in order to identify and act on opportunities and challenges, pursuing the benefits of digitalization.