Month: October 2017

HealthTech Nordic’s procurement of expert pools in certain areas of specialist competence is now open for tenders

Innovation Skåne AB invites tenders for consultancy assignments in the following competence areas:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Regulatory Navigation

The overall purpose of the procurement is to ensure and offer the project HealthTech Nordic, which is run by Innovation Skåne, an expert pool of national and international consultants in entrepreneurship, rapid prototyping and regulatory issues.

The tender shall be submitted electronically via TendSign ( Using the system and submitting a tender is free of charge. In order that all suppliers can be treated equally and given the same conditions, all questions and events that are judged to be of a significant nature will be answered and conveyed to all suppliers via TendSign.

Request for tender and additional documents available on TendSign through (search for procuring entity: Innovation Skåne AB or by keyword: expert pool)

Tenders shall be received by Innovation Skåne no later than 30/11/2017.