Month: April 2018

Kara Connect raises €1.5m to expand in Scandinavia

HealthTech Nordic member Kara Connect recently announced a €1.5m (180m ISK) funding round led by Crowberry Capital, with participation from individuals. Kara Connect is a business and communications platform that allows professionals to easily connect with clients, improving access to professional healthcare and extracurricular educational services.

“Kara plans to revolutionize access to health services and therapy,” says Jenný Ruth Hrafnsdóttir, GP at Crowberry Capital who takes a seat on the board of directors of Kara. “The company has already shown amazing traction and great results with speech therapists who are using the Kara platform. We believe that Kara Connect is on trend and the founding team is passionate about building a global business.”

The funding will allow Kara Connect to expand into Scandinavian markets.

“Our goal today is to break into sales and marketing in Scandinavia, as well as developing the Kara software even further,“ says CEO and founder Thorbjorg Helga Vigfusdottir.

The company is founded in Iceland, and have already seen more than 1000 Icelandic clients complete more than 9000 hours of teletherapy sessions with dozens of specialists through Kara Connect.

Kaiku Health raises €4.4 million to accelerate growth

HealthTech Nordic member Kaiku Health has closed a €4.4 million funding round led by Swiss biopharma company Debiopharm and Finnish VC Tesi. Kaiku Health will use the funding to grow internationally and to conduct several clinical trials validating their digital therapeutics offering.

“We have seen the significant positive impact our patient monitoring platform can have on people’s health”, comments Lauri Sippola, Kaiku Health CEO and Co-Founder. “This funding allows us to provide our platform to a growing number of healthcare providers and patients internationally. It is important that our investors also bring an extraordinary understanding of healthcare, life sciences and digitalization.”

Kaiku Health is analyzing real-time health data in several medical fields, helping doctors to evaluate the effectiveness of therapies and to detect and treat health problems early on. The company’s monitoring platform is used in routine care by over 64.000 patients in Europe who thus receive more personalized care and support. Kaiku Health’s headquarters are located in Finland but the company also have offices and operations in several other Europas countries.