Month: February 2019

Europe’s largest gathering of healthtech companies – now 201 members

Last week, HealthTech Nordic received its 201st member, Växjö based Happy at Work. The company provide continuous employee surveys in a new way with digital tools. The number of member companies in HealthTech Nordic is another example of the fact that the Nordic region is a world leader in the new healthtech industry.

– 201 member companies in this new healthtech industry is amazing! As far as we know, this is the largest gathering of healthtech companies in Europe. The Nordic region is in many ways a world leader in healthtech, this is another example of it, says Marianne Larsson, Director of New Industries at Innovation Skåne and Director of HealthTech Nordic.

Why so many members?

All companies that develop digital solutions for healthcare and have a desire to grow internationally are welcome to join HealthTech Nordic. The fact that so many companies apply for membership is because it grants several key advantages:

  • Access to a large national and international network of advisors, investors, industrial contacts, customers and other entrepreneurs
  • Access to vital knowledge of the healthtech industry, how to grow a business and internationalization
  • Possibility to apply for specifik support from the project to solve business-critical challenges

Member companies country of origin

Sweden 135
Norway 22
Denmark 33
Finland 5
Iceland 1
United States 1
France 1
Estonia 1
Uganda 1
Canada 1
Total 201

Browse our member companies here. Please note that some members have yet to be published.