HIMSS 2020: How healthtech relieves during and after covid-19

The covid-19 pandemic puts a heavy burden on healthcare services worldwide. Many healthcare recourses are being reallocated to deal with the outbreak of covid-19, leaving many patients, especially those with other ailments, without proper care. However, this doesn’t have to be the case – there are proven digital solutions available, that now, more than ever, could help relieve burdened healthcare services.

This video is divided into three parts.

Part 1: Emerging needs during and after covid-19 We have identified needs in collaboration with our vast network of key stakeholders from around the Nordics, such as healthcare professionals and solution providers. In this video we will address four of them:

  • Remote monitoring of chronics with Andreas Blomqvist, Founder and VP of R&D of Careligo
  • Digital visits in primary care with Charlotta Tönsgård, Founder and CEO of Kind
  • Mental health with David Brudö, Co-founder and CEO of Remente
  • Care backlog with Jakob Dahlberg, Co-founder and CEO of Joint Academy

Part 2: Emerging trend during and after covid-19, interview with Valentin Bejan, Co-funder and CIO of Health Tech Hub Copenhagen, about local and global trends and insights on various areas within healthtech.

Part 3: Path to implementation for healthtech during and after covid-19 Interview with Towa Jexmark, Head of innovation of Ramsey Santé, and Per-Ola Kimblad, Deputy CEO of Skåne University Hospital about key views on covid-19 and healthtech solutions from the healthcare providers perspective and insights on various areas within healthtech.