Groundbreaking results from SidekickHealth

New Combination of Gaming Technology, Behavioral Economics, and Personal Coaching Is Key to Reversing the Epidemic of Chronic Illness and Overcoming Health Disparities Among Individuals with Strong Genetic or Cultural Risk Factors.

The newest and most powerful weapon to fight chronic illness may be a unique combination of behavioral economics, the latest gaming technology, artificial intelligence, and personal coaching.

SidekickHealth, a gamified health behavior change service that predicts, manages and prevents chronic and lifestyle-related conditions, today announced results of improved treatment compliance and reduction of diabetes from deployments with several at-risk populations.

When comparing those using the SidekickHealth game to those who did not, SidekickHealth users were up to three times more likely to reach their five percent weight loss goals in 16 weeks. Furthermore, there was up to 30 percent less dropout rate in the SidekickHealth program than the standard care group. Read the full article at businesswire.