MOON Fertility launch May 5th

After a two-year period of development and testing, our startup member MOON Fertility is ready for launch. Sign up for the MOON landing – launch event May 5th in Gothenburg. RSVP by May 3rd. More information and registration>> 

MOON Fertility helps every woman gain control over her fertile window in a natural way by helping her learn how her body works.  Instead of using consumable one-time tests, women can measure temperature and salinity in saliva every day using our devices. After a month or two, a woman will know much more about her cycle using the mobile application. This is the first time these two established methods for monitoring the female cycle have been combined.

– At MOON we believe that everyone should be able to take control over their own body. By learning how your body works you can make conscious decisions of how to live your life, says Peiman Khorammashahi, CEO at MOON Fertility. We are really excited to share what we have been working on and get the product on the market!