Solutions that relieve healthcare services in the covid-19 crisis

We are not working on a cure for the covid-19 virus, but we have a remedy for burdened healthcare services. We have identified urgent healthcare needs and proven digital solutions that address those needs.

The covid-19 pandemic puts a heavy burden on healthcare services worldwide. Many healthcare recourses are now being reallocated to deal with the outbreak of covid-19, leaving many patients, especially those with other ailments, without proper care. However, this doesn’t have to be the case – there are proven digital solutions available, that now, more than ever, could help relieve burdened healthcare services.

Identified needs and solutions that meet those needs

The needs and solutions have been identified in collaboration with our vast network of key stakeholders from around the Nordics, such as healthcare professionals and solution providers. All listed solutions have already successfully been implemented in at least one Nordic country. All listed solutions can be implemented on short notice.

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