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Patient empowerment is the key in future healthcare. AppInMed provides the health profession with the digital tool for patient education, quality control and outcome analysis.

AppInMed has a Platform as a Service (PaaS) for health care professionals. In 2016 we helped our first customers reduce unnecessary follow-ups and focus all resources on patients in need, saving valuable time and money.


MCSS by Appva is the leading eMAR solution for mobile work flow in Swedish nursing homes and residential care. MCSS replaces manual paper documentation for medication administration with proven effect of medication deviation and employer stress reduction due to a proactive work flow with real time information in iPad or smart phone. Alerts and instructions in user friendly interface ensures process fulfilment and compliance.


Arthro improves joint health globally through science and technology. The flagship product Joint Academy successfully treats osteoarthritis online without drugs or incisions. Our solution consists of physical activities tailored to each participant, interactive lessons about the condition, and medical professionals always on hand. We believe that first-rate science gives first-rate results, which is why we have gathered industry experts, professors, PhDs, and engineers to develop our product.


Falls are the second leading cause of unintentional injury deaths worldwide. Approximately 37.3 million severe falls are reported each year. Together with Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital, Atensi have designed an innovative 3D simulation-based training program, coaching healthcare professionals in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes to help patients prevent falls. It builds and shares knowledge on risks and prevention strategies; measures results and improves practice. All in a realistic risk-free environment.


CTC-ActiwiseTM and CTC-Actiwise PredictTM is an advanced app integrated into a digital system for continuous follow up of people suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). The disruptive innovation focus on formulation of hypotheses derived from advanced medical science. The intention of these hypotheses is for identification of as few and simple variables or parameters as possible able to depict variations in a persons health status. By support from advanced AI, CTC-Actiwise PredictTM shall also be able to predict a situation of increasing probability for a soon upcoming hazardous event – with COPD an exacerbation.


Checkup develop customized e-health solutions for municipalities, public healthcare, occupational healthcare, and wellness organizations. The tools conveniently and efficiently allow more frequent monitoring of health conditions, enabling patients to better understand their health and save valuable time for healthcare professionals. Today, the tools mainly focus on sampling of blood pressure, weight, INR, and hearing, but also Glucos, HB, Creatinine, Potassium, blood gases, and ECG – all available in a “virtual hospital room”.


CheckWare is for clinics that use clinical assessments and want to provide digital self-reporting and self-management to their patients. The solution automates the delivery and scoring of assessments, enables Internet-based treatment supported by clinicians and is adjustable to any care pathway.

CheckWare is used by over 250 healthcare organizations. By using CheckWare, clinics have been proven to treat up to 5 more patients with the same resources, while reducing administrative costs by 60%.

Coala Life

Coala is a unique, patented Swedish innovation for daily monitoring and real-time analysis of your heart. A subscription based medical device solution and service for early and remote detection of heart diseases with cloud connection to caregivers. Based on smart algorithms and available for everyone in Sweden since late 2016. With hundreds of customers and lots of clinics now using the system, Coala Life is on route to expand globally.


ContinYou developed Contact, a new smartwatch with built-in GSM, ultra-mobile automatic fall alarm and health monitor to help deal with some of the challenges of aging. It enables people to live more independent and active lives at home longer, despite illness or disabilities. Contact features: automatic real time alarms and alerts, predicts incidents, works both indoors and outdoors. Available on the Norwegian market April 2017. Commercialized by Telia. 


Cora empowers its users to gain control of their heart health by attaining a heart-healthy lifestyle. The Cora app helps patients to better understand their blood pressure by making it easy to track and self-assess their condition. Using scientifically-backed treatment methods such as swimming or yoga, Cora facilitates the formation of heart-healthy habits and, thus, helps its user improve their cardiovascular health, and increase their vitality and life expectancy.