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Enabling the future of surgery. 3Dintegrated’s computer vision technology unlocks the future of computer-driven surgery by turning surgery into measurable data. Our platform is based on structured light, deep learning, and structure from motion principles to secure highly robust and precise 3D data delivered in real-time.


The greatest asset of any company is its employees. We give your company and your employees an inspiring tool to keep the focus on physical activity. With increased activity, you will feel healthier and happier. Use our app to challenge, engage and motivate your employees.


We are a digital healthcare provider focusing on chronic illness.


AddSeat brings a new level of mobility allowing you to reach places that in a normal wheelchair would be exhausting, e.g. cobblestones, grassy areas, sandy locations, snow, and at the same time is as practical in the home or office. With a footprint as small as a manual wheelchair, getting the AddSeat into an elevator or transporting it in a car is made easier.

AddSeat has been chosen by the EU as one of the top ten Sustainable Mobility start-ups with a full program supported by the EU in 2018.


Finnish company with international exposure in R&D and Innovation to introduce innovative products, services, and integrated Digital Solutions to the Healthcare and Energy sectors. Our Open Innovation joined research outcomes are monitored and reviewed on changes necessary to fulfill our customers’ needs and expectations with the integration of sustainable and innovative technology solutions. We are working with local and international technology solution providers according to the Open Innovation 2.0 Model (Crowd-funding, Co-creation, Crowd-sourcing, and Crowd-innovation).


Are you diagnosed with hypertension? Tired of having to wait to get in touch with your doctor? Want to take control of the situation so you feel confident you’re doing the right things and can relax and live your life? Aiten will give you:

  • access to a personal online doctor, available online
  • a connected blood pressure monitor
  • daily support to help you remember your medication
  • new prescriptions when you need it

Personalised algorithms alert you and your doctor if something needs attention so you can correct your course immediately.

We are a registered healthcare provider and are building the first version of Aiten, aiming to be available in the first quarter of 2018.


Alvican supports independent living for elders with a home monitoring solution and custom made sensors, using AI to detect problems and notifying relatives and caretakers. The solution is easy to set up and efficient at providing increased security and comfort.


We enable precise and error-free medicine by efficiently collecting, analyzing and distributing critical pharmaceutical data to patients, relatives and caregivers. Our product portfolio includes an end-to end digital pharmacy solution used by Apopro Online Apotek in Denmark ( as well as a medicine management platform used by care givers to support medication workflows in elderly homes. Our services prevent errors, enables precision and ultimately helps busy healthcare professionals in doing their job more efficiently.


Patient empowerment is the key in future healthcare. AppInMed provides the health profession with the digital tool for patient education, quality control and outcome analysis.

AppInMed has a Platform as a Service (PaaS) for health care professionals. In 2016 we helped our first customers reduce unnecessary follow-ups and focus all resources on patients in need, saving valuable time and money.


MCSS by Appva is the leading eMAR solution for mobile work flow in Swedish nursing homes and residential care. MCSS replaces manual paper documentation for medication administration with proven effect of medication deviation and employer stress reduction due to a proactive work flow with real time information in iPad or smart phone. Alerts and instructions in user friendly interface ensures process fulfilment and compliance.


Arthro improves joint health globally through science and technology. The flagship product Joint Academy successfully treats osteoarthritis online without drugs or incisions. Our solution consists of physical activities tailored to each participant, interactive lessons about the condition, and medical professionals always on hand. We believe that first-rate science gives first-rate results, which is why we have gathered industry experts, professors, PhDs, and engineers to develop our product.


Falls are the second leading cause of unintentional injury deaths worldwide. Approximately 37.3 million severe falls are reported each year. Together with Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital, Atensi have designed an innovative 3D simulation-based training program, coaching healthcare professionals in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes to help patients prevent falls. It builds and shares knowledge on risks and prevention strategies; measures results and improves practice. All in a realistic risk-free environment.


Audientes’ mission is to make quality hearing solutions accessible and affordable to everyone who needs them. In other words, to help hearing-impaired people hear and interact freely. We will achieve this by designing, developing and bringing to market innovative solutions for the millions who simply cannot afford a traditional hearing aid or do not have access to an audiologist or hearing center.


Aweria är Sveriges första specialistsystem för akutsjukvård och är framtaget utifrån den prehospitala och sjukhusbundna akutsjukvårdens unika förutsättningar och behov. Awerias inbyggda beslutsstödsfunktioner håller koll på varje patient, påminner och rekommenderar åtgärder enligt verksamhetens riktlinjer.

Systemet samordnar all relevant information kring den akuta patienten från första kontakten med SOS alarm tills patienten läggs in på avdelning eller kan gå hem, vilket ger unika möjligheter för uppföljning och förbättringsarbete med verksamhetens logistik.

Ballast CPH

Ballast CPH’s goal is that people with impaired vision can be independent in their everyday lives. To reach that goal the company has developed different low and high tech tools for people with sight, so they can experience the different challenges people with low vision meet in their everyday life.

The high tech solution will be an Augmented Reality-app that can show three different kinds of low vision. The low tech solution is Perspectacles Simulation Goggles and the learning board game Indsigt. The solutions can be used as a part of courses, workshops or teambuilding activities.

Bee Concepts

A good life longer – positive real time status confirmation on you and your relatives. Bee Concepts provides an innovative welfare technology platform. It is tailored for collecting health and environment data and responding according to given criteria. By analysing different types of data, we provide insights and notifications about health and safety with unique precision.

BIM Equity

BIM Equity VR develops and produces 3D hardware and software solutions for Healthcare, Smart City and Industry. With full scale 3D-models we provide our customers with a useful tool that not only involves and optimizes, but also leads to better projects, increases knowledge and powers sales processes. Our 3D models enables error elimination, alignment and validation in all phases. We help our clients to gain a shared understanding through involvement and co-creation – regardless of team size and physical location.


Bitoreq focus on Smarter Digitalization and on Robotic Process Automation. We can assist in creating more efficient and secure administrative routines while increasing opportunities for innovative solutions. We accomplish these goals without affecting existing IT systems, which greatly facilitates the implementation itself. We can demonstrate that the solutions already implemented have provided solid results and that the technology works and pays for itself in a very short time. In fact, returns are evident within weeks and months instead of years. Large organizations will experience the impact of smarter digitalization almost immediately.


Brain+ creates digital therapeutics for neurorehabilitation of cognitive functions using neurogames and gamified behavioral therapy, delivered on the award-winning Brain+ Recover platform and app.

After positive clinical results in multiple pilot trials, the Recover platform is now being clinically tested in large scale randomized controlled studies in Parkinson’s disease, major depressive disorder, traumatic brain injury and Alzheimer’s Disease patients, funded by the Danish Innovation Fund.


Braive provides online, personalized treatment that is affordable, non-stigmatizing and immediate. Our courses consist of easily understandable animated videos and user-friendly learning activities. All courses are based on evidence-based therapy approach to help people identify and overcome mental and physical challenges.

Braive self-administered iCBT* platform allows users to start today, without involving the healthcare sector. We help users identify challenges and offer them personalized treatment plans based on their reported symptoms.

*Internet-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


Brighter aims to become a leader in mobile health and data-driven healthcare. Above all, we want to contribute to a clearer picture of the health of the individual. By providing a market place for sharing valid, continuous and effective health data we enable more measurement points and an improved picture of the individuals’ health. The objective is to drive behavioural change to enhance quality for patients and enable reduced care costs.


Bröstkoll by M-Vitae is a personal service management system for non-cancerous breast issues. 95% of  breast problems among women are not cancer related, Bröstkoll helps you deal with these problems through tips, news and advice.


BudEye offers easy-to-access apps aimed at people with neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism, asperger or ADHD. The apps help users get a better everyday structure.


With Coaching4Life, your company gets the appropriate tools for increased physical, mental and social well-being for your staff. This in turn leads to economic gains with increased efficiency and less staff at home being sick. We help you map, plan, propose comprehensive and individual actions as well as measure the impact – something we do with our unique service SROI (Sustainable Return on Investment). We use a digital tool where you clearly can follow the progress.

Camanio Care

Everyone has the right to live a dignified and active life – regardless of age or physical function. We are an innovative robotics company who bring out new technology for the healthcare sector and make sure that it is efficient, integrated, quality assured and useful. With products such as BikeAround, Bestic and Giraff, we go beyond the ordinary to help people improve their quality of life. We are based in Sweden, have a subsidiary in the U.S., and distributors in China, Australia and ten European countries.


Cardiaccs develops a new technology that allows continuous monitoring of the heart function, during and after cardiac surgery.Our patented solution reduces the costs for the hospital, requires no additional procedures, and most importantly – it improves patient outcome by adding a life-saving cardiac monitoring, heart-beat for heart-beat.


While individuals collect increasingly more information about their health through sensors, logging and extracts from journals there are currently no services available to store the data in a persistent manner that also enable them to actively use all of their data for analysis or within applications of their choice.

CareChain is an initiative to fix this by creating a blockchain-based platform for individuals to store their health data. CareChain is an open platform, based on the Ethereum blockchain, will be operated as a consortium and aims to be a platform for open innovation on top of health data.

As a company CareChain is also building a universal ID-solution to run on the platform as well as a solution for GDPR-compliant consent management.


CTC-ActiwiseTM and CTC-Actiwise PredictTM is an advanced app integrated into a digital system for continuous follow up of people suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). The disruptive innovation focus on formulation of hypotheses derived from advanced medical science. The intention of these hypotheses is for identification of as few and simple variables or parameters as possible able to depict variations in a persons health status. By support from advanced AI, CTC-Actiwise PredictTM shall also be able to predict a situation of increasing probability for a soon upcoming hazardous event – with COPD an exacerbation.


Every day we work with knowledge about patients and treatments. The result is developing insights and more effective care. We have an idea that IT systems will facilitate the highly specialized care, while providing relevant information at any time, regardless of who is using it.

A Better Day is a new initiative to provide a patient platform that easily connects people with the same disease and symptoms. The system collects data and converts them into insights.

Carmona AB is a long-time system partner for National Quality registries with a high level of patient integration. We serve more than 150 000 patients with chronic diseases with a CE approved clinical decision support. With a Better Day we will provide even more benefits for patients and for the first time develop a platform for, and with them.


Checkup develop customized e-health solutions for municipalities, public healthcare, occupational healthcare, and wellness organizations. The tools conveniently and efficiently allow more frequent monitoring of health conditions, enabling patients to better understand their health and save valuable time for healthcare professionals. Today, the tools mainly focus on sampling of blood pressure, weight, INR, and hearing, but also Glucos, HB, Creatinine, Potassium, blood gases, and ECG – all available in a “virtual hospital room”.


CheckWare is for clinics that use clinical assessments and want to provide digital self-reporting and self-management to their patients. The solution automates the delivery and scoring of assessments, enables Internet-based treatment supported by clinicians and is adjustable to any care pathway.

CheckWare is used by over 250 healthcare organizations. By using CheckWare, clinics have been proven to treat up to 5 more patients with the same resources, while reducing administrative costs by 60%.

Coala Life

Coala Life is a digital health venture on a mission to win the battle against cardiovascular disease. It’s about digitizing the heart by the power of the individual, and using intelligent algorithms with AI to help predict and prevent heart disease. The first smart, cloud driven medical devices were launched in 2017 enabling everyone to follow their heart, anytime, anywhere. With thousands of customers and hundreds of clinics now using the system in Sweden, Coala Life is on route to go global.


CollaboDoc offers a digital tool for managing the easy acute process in primary care.


UpDoc! by Comentis is an online education solution for healthcare professionals. This includes certified courses with video, textbook based courses and tests.


ContinYou developed Contact, a new smartwatch with built-in GSM, ultra-mobile automatic fall alarm and health monitor to help deal with some of the challenges of aging. It enables people to live more independent and active lives at home longer, despite illness or disabilities. Contact features: automatic real time alarms and alerts, predicts incidents, works both indoors and outdoors. Available on the Norwegian market April 2017. Commercialized by Telia. 


Cora empowers its users to gain control of their heart health by attaining a heart-healthy lifestyle. The Cora app helps patients to better understand their blood pressure by making it easy to track and self-assess their condition. Using scientifically-backed treatment methods such as swimming or yoga, Cora facilitates the formation of heart-healthy habits and, thus, helps its user improve their cardiovascular health, and increase their vitality and life expectancy.


Cortrium has developed a medical grade wearable sensor for vital sign monitoring.

The sensor is designed with a 3-channel electrocardiogram (ECG), impedance-based measurement of respiratory rate, a thermometer for measuring the body surface temperature and an accelerometer for activity tracking. All sensor data is stored on a memory card including the live view of data via Bluetooth. Data transfer via the Cortrium SDK to 3rd party applications. The sensor is used with standard ECG electrodes.

Cross Technology Solutions

The LifePod® platform is a decision support system that automatically identifies and grades chronical patients’ medical priority via intelligent algorithms. LifePod enables healthcare providers to focus resources on the patients with most needs, by remotely managing large patient groups using tailored support apps and sensors.

Applying big data analytics extends the platform to provide predictive, preventive and prescriptive functionality resulting in even better individual healthcare.


With Cuviva, all digital healthcare and home safety services are collected into one personalized solution, providing one source of patient information accessible to all caregiver categories and one channel for real-time communication with healthcare and family. The Cuviva solution is addressing a healthcare savings potential of 30 BSEK in just Sweden alone. Cuviva is currently running a first pilot, an integrated part of the European ENSAFE-pilot, testing the core functionality of Cuviva.

Daman – HealthBuddy

HealthBuddy empowers people with chronic diseases by providing plug-and-play disease specific apps with a tracking diary, personal insights and access to a peer community – all in a motivational environment utilizing gamification mechanisms.

Giving just a few examples, our app RheumaBuddy is used in more than 30 countries all across Europe, while the PsoMentor app has gained 3% of the patients in Denmark after just 3 months. We have also launched CancerBuddy, which is an app for young people with cancer. The success of the services is due strong partnerships with patients and healthcare professionals using co-creation.


Skip the waiting room. Meet doctors online in your language. Consult with a doctor online in real-time. Our chat and video platform easily connects you with a licensed physician.

Daqatra’s focus is to eliminate lingual and cultural barriers in healthcare. For us, equal treatment regardless of language barriers is an obvious right.


Decon-X provides the best disinfection method for rooms and equipment, a solution that can reduce the number of hospital infections. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria cause most infections, and therefore, we know that better disinfection of near-patient equipment and rooms will have an effect. That is also the reason why a number of medical institutions choose our method of disinfection. Our technology is based on a fully automated, safe and simple process that removes 99.9999% of all viruses, bacteria and spores. Decon-X’s internet of things (IoT) solution uses sensors to detect replenishes chemical fumes in the area that is disinfected.


Infection severity assessment for patients and medical professionals.

Detectivio handles initial assessment of patients with suspected infectious disease by introducing a checkpoint used independently by patients without assistance from medical professional(s). The solution combines automatic non-contact measurement of vital signs with collection of medical history in a digitalized triage and decision support system. Patient safety improvement, waiting time reduction (for patients and medical professionals) and enhanced clinical efficiency are important benefits.


Dianovator AB develops a patient-specific decision support system for improved glycemic control. Our target audience is patients with insulin-treated diabetes and the associated diabetes team at the clinic. Many of these patients experience difficulties optimizing their therapy, resulting in reduced life quality and a shorter life expectancy. Our product can help them by real-time support in the daily decision making and by providing analytic support to the diabetes care team, thereby reducing anxiety and lowering the risk of short and long-term complications associated with poor glycemic control.

Diassist Technology

Diassist Technology is solving problems for persons with diabetes. We are developing a software which helps doctors and patients to adjust insulin dosage parameters. The software estimate important parameters for insulin dosage, such as correction factor and carbohydrate ratios, and suggest values for these based on mathematical models of the body. Better insulin dosage results in better control of glucose levels, hence improving the patients’ life, and reducing the risk of complications. The long-term global market for this type of product is valued at 2 billion SEK/year, but there are yet no products available on the market.


Docly (Min Doktor), part of the e-health revolution. We provide online medical consultations – in a straightforward, efficient process for both doctor and patient.

Better for people: Fast, convenient, high-quality healthcare at the time and place of your choice.

Better for society: A more efficient healthcare system and shorter waiting lists.

Better for doctors: Professional development opportunities and the freedom to take on a more varied caseload, with the support of structured data collection and less administrative duties.

Doctor STD

Doctor STD is a global, online community built for people living with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). A place to get advice, medical information, and to share your experiences with a welcoming community.


Doctrin strives to help the healthcare system to improve the quality of care, reduce waiting times and reduce costs. We do this by providing smart e-health tools that are easy to use, increase patient involvement, and are based on the needs of care givers.

Doctrin was founded in 2016 and has about 15 employees with a unique mix of doctors, researchers, IT developers and process experts. What we all have in common is the passion for helping healthcare providers meet today’s challenges.


Dossier is a complete platform for competence assurance, learning and development serving almost 200 000 employees in the Nordic health care sector. We ensure high performance and regulatory compliance when and where it matters.


DrugStars is a global patient movement built upon the #GivingByTaking principle. Through the usage of the DrugStars app, patients are reward with stars for taking their medicines as agreed with the doctor. The patient can donate the stars to their choice of charity. As a result, we address a huge adherence issue in health, simultaneously making it fun for the patients. Nonetheless, we are deeply serious with the science behind and the big data and IA produced by the user interaction with our technology. DrugStars was launched in Denmark in January 2017, and opened in Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, USA, Canada and Australia in May 2017.


At Empaticus we merge neuroscience and psychology with contemplative traditions and leverage innovative technologies to create mental balance and happiness – making both people and corporations flourish.

Engaging Care

We already have enough resources to provide great health care to everyone, everywhere – the future is all about providing it where people are. Engaging Care develops and provides a cloud-based technology platform to public and private health care clinics, other health services providers, and various ecosystem entities. We aim to be the first platform that enables a truly global healthcare system.


Erghis enables control over smart devices using hand movements in the air without touching. We differ by requiring you to learn only 4 gestures that are reusable across countless use cases. In ten years time, if it has a chip in it, you will be able to control it with the Erghis Interaction Cortex. Beginning where it matters most, Erghis has made initial sales in health care. Where removing the need to touch not only reduces risk of contamination, but also enables annual savings of €2M/hospital.


The healthcare system is a burning platform of increasing costs and decreasing budgets. FindZebra develops products to help fast and accurate diagnoses. The company’s first product is an online search tool for rare diseases,, is the the preferred tool for diagnosing rare diseases. The strength of FindZebra’s technology is the ability to index and sort vast amounts of quality information available online and train algorithms to see patterns in symptoms, genes and diagnoses.

Finn Medicinen

Among patients with chronic illness, approximately 50% do not take medications as prescribed. This cause inadequate results of treatments and increased healthcare costs. Finn Medicinen digitalizes the medicine intake with products that support you to correct and safe medicines management at home. ”The Dosebook”, transforms your traditional pillbox to a discrete connected book, which automatically registers, reminds and tracks you medicine intake. Relatives can easy support from a distance and you don’t need to program anything.

Flow Neuroscience

Flow Neuroscience’s mission is to develop new ways to combat mental health issues with technology. The first product is a medication-free depression treatment, that combines a brain stimulation wearable and an app-based therapy program. The team behind Flow has extensive knowledge in the field, with backgrounds in clinical psychology, neuroscience, electrical engineering and app development. The product will be launched in Europe Q2 2018.

FysioDanmark Roskilde

FysioDanmark Roskilde works with a broad approach to health including prevention, treatment of injuries and lifestyle diseases. In our approach to health and prevention, you will meet both physiotherapists, nurses and physiotherapist students. Through the latest knowledge and interdisciplinary collaboration they are able to create the best conditions for health promotion, lifestyle change, treatment and training.


Fysiotest believes that modern corporate healthcare can change peoples lives, prevent sickness and even reverse many serious illnesses. We believe that a better financial result starts with healthy employees. Fysiotest’s approved Health Management Solutions offers a sustainable and unique solution consisting of prominent health measurements, individual analysis and goal-oriented advice. It’s all communicated in an attractive digital environment for regular monitoring and as a strategic tool for the organization’s health plan.


Gnosco offer a digital diagnostic support platform for faster and more secure diagnosis of skin lesions and wounds. The CE-certified platform, Dermicus, provides a faster and more efficient medical process, improved patient experience and is specifically aimed for communication between healthcare providers. In addition, Dermicus is also a continuous E-learning platform for doctors and nurses. Total costs are decreased due to fewer excisions and less physical referrals to specialists, but most important diagnoses are set much faster than before.


Goozo is activating people. The product is a fully automated application for optimizing staff investments and monitoring of health-economic key figures.


Healo improves quality of life, reduces costs and healthcare waiting times for both patients and society. Healo reduces or resolves musculoskeletal disorders in the whole body: from minor irritations to chronic conditions. Validated treatments from Physiotherapy, Naprapathy, Pilates, and other disciplines, raise and maintain therapy compliance. Multilingual exercise videos, smart reminders, feedback, and progress tracking, assure continuity. Self-diagnosis + Self-treatment + Progress & Prognosis = Empowered to Heal Yourself. Our value proposition: validated Self-treatment made available 24/7.


Hedia is a personalized and intelligent diabetes app that helps people with diabetes to live a more normal life. By combining seamless data collection from external sources, big-data modeling, and AI, Hedia provides personal insulin recommendation to the diabetic and hence help attain results on the A1c level.

Hej Doktor provides instant, convenient and cost-effective healthcare services – available for everyone, everywhere. is transforming traditional healthcare by making it more accessible and convenient. We empower users by giving them direct access to the healthcare professionals they need, through UX friendly, AI and secure digital channels.


Diabsens aims to achieve better diabetes management, with the help of smart, multi analyte diabetic sensor. The sensor will help diabetic patients and care givers understand the multi parameters that contribute to high or low levels of glucose while making meaningful collective analysis of multiple parameters and help predict early signs of hyper and hypo glycemia. The team behind Diabsens is a clever combination of scientists and software engineers.


JodaCare is a digital communication solution which connects family caregivers with the health personnel taking care of their loves ones. This is especially helpful in the communication around people with dementia or cognitive impairments. JodaCare is an app for smartphones and tablets, as well as a web solution. It can be used to share daily information among caregivers through functions like messages, photos, calendar and life story. Today, JodaCare is used in nursing homes, home services and  assisted living facilities.


Kaiku Health is a digital platform for monitoring patient-reported outcomes. Its unique algorithms enable early interventions and timely patient support. Currently over 30 European hospitals and clinics are using our platform to better monitor their patients, reducing manual work and allowing prioritization of clinical actions. This along with the capture and analysis of real-world data paves way for more personalized and effective care of each patient.

Kara Connect

Kara transforms access to help. With Kara’s seamless virtual office solution professionals can run their entire practice, saving money and reaching further with a secure online video module. Kara helps therapists grow. Kara connects clients and carers with professionals, in healthcare, education and beyond. Clients can find, select, book, be reminded and attend appointments with therapists or clinicians without travel or fuss.

Kara is established in Iceland and Denmark.

Khora Virtual Reality

There has been decades of scientific research exploring the cross section between Virtual Reality and Healthcare. We are now leveraging the immersive power of Virtual Reality to build new solutions for people with dementia, chronic pain, psychiatric illness and much more.

Lean Entries

Lean Entries is dedicated to reduce substantially the time spent by organizations on regulatory compliance. We want to see organizations focus on their core activities by helping them reach basic compliance within a few days, starting from the heavily regulated Medical Device industry.

Our first digital services allow any Medtech stakeholder make a quick assessment, whether their product qualifies as a medical device and what is the risk classification of that device according to both, the current medical device directives and the new regulations.  We will develop the platform further with our Partners to contain many other digital services for regulatory compliance.

Learning to Sleep

Learning to Sleep treat people with sleeping problems using an AI based digital treatment program. We believe in an accessible, digital healthcare and offer a totally drug free and proven method. Our mission is that everybody should get a good nights sleep and through that we will create a better and healthier world. Learning to Sleep have already treated over 900 patients in Sweden with a 94 per cent success rate and are aiming towards an international market during late 2018.


Half of the population will suffer from mental illness during their lifetime. Due to stigma, lack of access and high prices, the threshold for seeking help is high. Lifekeys improves quality of mental health services by providing online therapy and using AI supported tools to track progress and increase client engagement.


Our mission is to give everyone, everywhere an attractive, affordable and easier access to great hearing. MobileEars helps people hear better, in normal conversations and when listening to music, watching TV, and at concerts, conferences and in other environments where quality listening is challenging.

Our solution includes software for speech and sound frequency amplification, noise filtering and removal, and selective, directional listening. We have integrated an advanced hearing test that can automatically adjust individual sound processing. Our software runs on smartphones and dedicated wearables.


Lytics’ mission is to provide tools that allow healthcare professionals to fully utilize the rich medical data collected from chronic care patients and devices. Starting with dialysis and cardiovascular disease management we predict hospitalizations to prevent themTrials in Sweden and the US show Lytics’ suite of predictive tools saves millions of dollars and patients from sufferingLytics is trusted by governments, multinationals, media and by clinics to advise on future healtcare and bring game changing cost-efficient tools.


Medanets mobile point-of-care filing enables viewing and recording patient data via smart phone or smart device. Real-time data is wirelessly transferred directly into the hospitals’ or healthcare centre’s Electronic Health Record. In this way, nurses are able to improve the efficiency and accuracy of documentation, also making it possible for all clinicians to have immediate access to real-time patient data. More than 500 000 mobile filings are made each month improving caregiving quality and patient safety as well as saving thousands of hours for actual care work.


MedCardApps’ Electronic Health Record solution replace the use of paper. The solution is uniquely geared towards African developing countries where lack of internet, outdated hardware, inexperienced computer users, lack of national id-systems and other factors can present hinders. MedCardApps’ solution saves time, improves quality of service and patient safety as well as helps prevent fraud. It is in use in several clinics, large and small, private and public, in Uganda and Zambia.

Medical Minds

Medical Minds provide an all-in-one automated service for home collection of health parameters automatically connected and transferred to patients EMR. Providing all doctors with the service that enable patients to perform reliable measurements from home creates a more involved and engaged patient which lets the caregiver focus more on the patient and less on medical devices, IT infrastructure and manual information transfer.


MediCheck is a unique service providing a shortcut to medical specialists online to meet the increasing demand of medical expertise in the new health market. With MediCheck the patient can choose a committed specialist based on medical condition and individual preferences. MediCheck provides a network of 200 medical experts who can use our full- service platform to efficiently schedule, prepare and perform medical consultations online, whenever they want and from the location that they prefer.


Medotemic AB develops solutions for objective gait analysis. The system analyses motion through proprietary algorithms based on sensor data from mobile phones. Through immediate biofeedback the user gets help to return to an appropriate walking pattern. Untreated gat deviation can lead to a learned walking behaviour and avoidable injury or complications. Through an everyday training a sustainable lifestyle change is achieved giving an active and healthy life through self-treatment. For clinics a decision support system is offered with continuous measurements of patients as part of the treatment methodology.


By providing IT-supported services Medrave enables health care organizations to excel in efficiency and quality. Medrave enables practices to work with quality improvement through its intuitive and clear dashboards. With our long experience in primary health care, our dashboards have evolved to help the care provider focus on what is really important. Drill-down capability to the level of individual patients is a key factor to our success.


With diseases related to memory loss growing more common we want to tackle the difficulties these people face in their everyday life. With the assistance of our application using Augmented Reality technology, crucial operations such as orientation, planning and task execution will no longer be a hindrance.


More than 10% of all hospitalisations are caused by medication non-adherence, not taking your medications in the right amount and at the right time. Mevias patented and CE marked solution of printed traces, hardware and software can be adapted to any pharmaceutical packaging. We detect when a pill or dose is taken in real time and communicate instantly with the patient, doctor, care giver or relative through any form of communication that they prefer. Our solution has been utilized by pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies in Europe and North America and users say that “its impossible to forget to take my medications now”.


Migreneappen tracks, recognizes and predicts pain periods in weather triggered illnesses, like migraine, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis (MS) and even pollen allergies. Migreneappen alerts the patient 24 hours in advance for the right conditions for a migraine attack, or pain periods in fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis patients.

By knowing 24 hours in advance we can also make the patient aware and prepared to take the right medication at the right time, to get optimal effect out of the correct medication. This way we remove the need for painkiller supplementation.


Miiskin is the highest rated (4.4) skin cancer app in the world. It’s a simple mobile app for self-monitoring of mole changes over time, taking pictures and supporting people with melanoma concerns to identify changes.

  • No. 1 in Google Play (Android app store)
  • 80,000+ downloads with almost no marketing
  • Won the Nordic Venture Forum 2016
  • Coming to iPhone in May 2017


MindFam is a digital platform and app where people in need of professional help in terms of mental health can meet licensed therapists through our secure video solution. Have online therapy sessions from anywhere, at any time. MindFam simplifies the whole procedure of getting help. As a therapists you get your own virtual office with integrated functions, such as scheduling, payment, crypted messaging, which provides a better use of resources. The digital patient is here to stay, so is the digital therapist.
MindFam is an incubator company at Sahlgrenska Science Park.

Mindfulness Center

We are Sweden’s leading mindfulness educator making research based online courses for Health Care, Work Places and Schools in Swedish, English and Norwegian. We have developed courses for stress reduction, depression, anxiety, chronic pain and disease, breast cancer, heart failure, care givers and for compassion with self and others. The online courses can be used with or without the support of an instructor. Mindfulness is also effective in a group setting in a virtual classroom or in real life.


MINJAPP automatically registers insulin injection location, dosage and time. It suggests suitable locations, ensuring correct rotation of injection spots. There is strong scientific evidence that rotation reduces insulin use by 20%, avoids lipohypertrophy, improves blood sugar control and significantly reduces long-term blood sugar levels.

MINJAPP will be launched in January 2018 by Nordic Healthcare Technology, a patient led startup turning best practice into everyday solutions for insulin dependent diabetics. is Sweden’s first digital platform for psychotherapy online. The platform provides access to a virtual therapy room in which patient and therapist securely enters to interact by text communication. This means a unique availability to psychotherapeutic treatment wherever, whenever and gives consequently significant help to several individuals suffering from mental illness. When firmly established in Sweden we’re aiming for the Nordic countries.


At Monsenso we help healthcare providers, researchers, and individuals overcome the burden of mental illness. The Monsenso mHealth solution is redesigning the treatment of individuals with a mental disorder by collecting their health-related data and sharing it with their clinician. Our mHealth solution encourages individuals to engage in self-care, helps carers play a more active role in the treatment of the one they care for, and it provides clinicians with a remote monitoring tool that assists them to make clinical decisions.

MOON Fertility

MOON Fertility helps every woman gain control over her fertile window in a natural way by helping her learn how her body works.  Instead of using consumable one-time tests, women can measure temperature and salinity in saliva every day using our devices. After a month or two, a woman will know much more about her cycle using the mobile application. This is the first time these two established methods for monitoring the female cycle have been combined. After a two-year period of development and testing, MOON Fertility is ready for launch May 5th.


Movinspire digitizes the work of physiotherapists and clients. The physiotherapists work more professionally with individually adapted care and quality assured diagnoses. Clients become more motivated and successfully conduct their rehabilitation online. The quality of life is increasing and the return is decreasing.

Healthcare and society make better use of their resources, and more access to healthcare.


My-E-Health provides a private space for individuals, organizations, insurance companies and caregivers needing a modern approach to their healthcare services, counseling and other needs. Via their own secure online portal, available 24/7, users have access to a dynamic, interactive ecosystem for mental-health and medical services including: journals, appointment booking calendars, billing, messaging, inbuilt Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and psychometrics, and much more. Available locally and internationally.​​


Neuralis vision is to save and improve lives, for which our application LiNN is our launching pad. Using machine learning, LiNN is able to reliably estimate the risk for suicide attempts and self-harming actions in bipolar patients. LiNN is able to more accurately assess this risk than existing rating scales currently used by doctors. As such, LiNN could potentially reduce the number of suicides among these patients, who have a significantly elevated risk of committing suicide.

Next Step Dynamics

Next Step Dynamics helps prevent falls among elderly people by continuously analyzing balance, strength and sleep along with other vital parameters using smart wearable and big data analytics.

In Sweden, there is a fall accident involving an elderly person every two minutes, causing pain, fear and a 24 Billon SEK ($5 Billion) cost to society every year. Our product has been successfully tested on 30 elderly people, saving approx. 8 Million SEK ($900,000).

No Isolation

No Isolation was founded in Norway in October 2015 with a single purpose: to reduce involuntary social isolation. Our first goal is to reduce loneliness amongst children suffering from long-term illness. We have created AV1, the world’s first communication robot that allows children to partake in their daily life, despite their illness.

AV1 was launched in Norway in September 2016. Today the robot is in use in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, and the UK.


Opatus aim to improve the quality of life for people with attention difficulties through an improved, smartphone-based diagnostic support and treatment follow-up method. Quantifying attentiveness is desirable in many situations such as assessment of Mind fatigue, ADHD or Parkinson to mention a few. We offer a test that simultaneously measures a person’s sustained attention, impulsivity and motor activity. The result adds important objective information to the clinical assessment that highlights the individual performance and may shorten queues for meeting with professional healthcare.


Openlogger is an IoT monitoring solution connecting all lab and hospital devices in one platform. Taking control of all equipment regardless of brand or sensor type gives less stress and better productivity in your laboratory. Settings can be standardized, alerts handled in one place and all actions are saved with full traceability. OpenLogger saves time in the preparation and processing of revision reports. Putting the user in the center with an out of the box installation and intuitive vendor interface the system will not only increase safety, it will change the way you work. The system is comes calibrated and ready to use.


Operationskollen is a mobile phone application that supports patients throughout the process of undergoing surgery – from the first visit through the post-operative rehabilitation. By teaming up with surgical clinics, Operationskollen provides the right information, at the right time – helping clinics reduce cancellations and provide optimal care. By providing a uniquely patient centred toolset, patients and their relatives are empowered to take an active role in the surgical process.


Otivio’s core technology enables increased blood flow to the limbs of a patient. Otivio’s main product, FlowOx™, is addressing peripheral arterial disease (PAD), which is a serious condition leading to pain, chronic wounds and in many cases amputation and mortality.


O2matic will pioneer the treatment standard of oxygen sensitive patients. It performs patient treatment that meets the requirements defined by healthcare professionals. Due to dynamic changes in the patient blood saturation It can be difficult to dosage oxygen properly. Incorrect dosages can be lifethreatening and prolong treatment. The solution is O2matic: an oxygen robot that automatically adjusts the oxygen level by continuous measurements. This will not only increase patient safety, but also reduce hospitalization time and free resources on the hospitals.


PainDrainer develops advanced artificial intelligence (AI) platforms for self-management of chronic pain. Chronic pain is a major health problem, affecting 100 million people in the US alone while costing the healthcare system over $600 billions per year. PainDrainer will become the world’s first platform with patient-specific information on how the patients’ pain can be self-managed while also providing prognostic information on what activities cause the pains. PainDrainer is not a simple diary – but so much more.

Coming soon

Peili Vision

Peili Vision was founded in 2015 based on the idea of helping people in their rehabilitation process by utilizing Virtual Reality. Our mission is to improve the neurological rehabilitation process. Our VR application allows the therapist to create unique and motivational training environments customized to the patient’s rehabilitation requirements. Our solution has been granted CE mark and is already used by our customers, both public hospitals and private rehabilitation providers.

Physio R&D

Physio R&D have developed Optimov – an online, subscription-based, telerehab tool, available anywhere, anytime. It includes a tailored rehab program and a virtual coach showing you how to perform the exercises. Video consultations and e-learning sessions provide long-term health benefits. A biometric sensor monitors the heart rate during the exercise and ensures patients safety. AR-glasses give the freedom to exercise anywhere. Patients improve the quality of their life, physiotherapists optimize the rehab process, the healthcare sector saves time & money.

POOW Applications

POOW Applications have developed POOW The Food Hero – the app that is a fun and behavioral tool that gives parents support in their struggle to induce their children to eat. Millions of children are born with eating disorders every year. The reasons why many children have problems are varied. Eating disorders, are common names for the problem, when something in eating feels uncomfortable to the child. We use Gamification and the Childs own food to encourage the child to eat. This is a word-class app.


Secure medical decisions – RETTS (Rapid Emergency Triage and Treatment System) decision support system for emergency medicine leads to optimal medical safety and quality by reducing the lead time to the first medical decisions on interventions, monitoring and any sample collection.


Protetiko is the new standard in Dental Order Management. We save time, lower costs, and improve quality for dentists and dental labs by providing an efficient digital workflow for tailor-made dental products with our web based order management system. Today dentists and labs rely on non-digital orders, resulting in poor quality and diminishing margins. We have established relations with top Swedish labs and the solution has been developed and validated together with dental industry experts.


QLeva is a web-based learning tool for preserving mental health in children and adolescents. As an early effort through school, QLeva is ahead of the problems. Children and parents learn the importance of daily rest, good and regular food, exercise and time for tranquility and nature. Pupils with inspirational and age-appropriate materials that return from 6 to 16 years. Parents receive parental guidance for different age categories. QLeva provides a broad understanding of human needs as well as providing tools to reduce stress and promote caring for the brain, the body and each other.


Back pain is a common cause for sick leave worldwide and costs Sweden approximately 30 billion SEK annually. On a national level, the care for this patient group does not live up to the demands and has not been improving lately. Ryggskolan is a new, digitally based treatment program for patients with long standing back pain. We offer an available and evidence based care for patients with back pain and follow international guidelines and recommendations. The patients participate in an individually structured program for 8 weeks. The program offers an extended knowledge to the patient regarding their condition, exercise programs, empowerment tools, access to own data to follow the progress and convenient contact with caregivers.

Salus mea

The social alarm of the future, a disruptive digital service utilizing principles for Person Centered Care and behavioral economics to provide a seamless and meaningful sense of safety. The service logs the behavioral indicators and use simple artificial intelligence to deliver services that increase the quality of life for the elderly, lower the costs for municipalities and engage people who do not currently qualify for social alarm and their next of kin.


Sekoia is a digital tool for care homes designed to free up time for what is most important – enhancing the quality and efficiency of care delivery. Sekoia provides you with an overview of the daily care activities for each resident, allowing your care team to effectively plan their day, easily record health data, quickly share information with each other and swiftly report incidents, all with lightning speed at the touch of a button. Reducing paperwork and administration creates a better working environment for caregivers. Hence making the care home a better place to live.


The unique SENS motion® monitoring patch system enable rehabilitation professionals to objectively monitor and address physical inactivity. SENS motion® is a tool for rehabilitation professionals and researchers to efficiently follow up with larger patient groups and provide support for especially elderly patients.

Efficient home rehabilitation will cause fewer hospitalizations and associated costs, increase traceability and quality of life for the patients.


SidekickHealth helps providers and employers deliver quality lifestyle change programs that promote health and tackle chronic diseases. Artificial intelligence and evidence-based guidelines combine to encourage users to make healthier choices that reduce risk factors.

We draw on the latest research from leading academic and medical institutions in the U.S. and Europe.  SidekickHealth, has a rapidly growing customer base in the United States, Europe, and China providing services for both employers and providers.


Sleep is essential, but many of us struggle with it. Now more than ever. Sleeping disorders are according to many of scientists becoming an emerging global health crisis. And the healthcare sector and patients globally need help.

SleepCure want to help people with sleeping disorders sleep better. SleepCure is a mobile application that provides automatic analysis of the patient’s situation and guides the patient to a better sleep through a personalized digital coach.

Smart Health Care

Similar patients respond differently to the same treatment. Smart Health Care applies artificial intelligence on big cohorts of patients (big-data) in order to surface the hidden respond patterns among patients. Mapping individual subjects into these emergent patterns would help to predict treatment results ahead of time by knowing how previous patients responded to treatment. This method determines in minutes what could take months of trial and error.


World Health organization (WHO) reported that by 2020 stress would be main cause of diseases. Sumondo is medical device company developing a clinical product for diagnosing mental stress and preventing depression. Sumondo pro™ App works with sensors using heart rate variability (HRV) and artificial intelligence (AI). The technology could be applied for multiple clinical applications, including chronic stress, diabetes, cardiac problems & epilepsy. The products are expected to benefit the patients in early diagnosis, reducing costs and enabling prevention of diseases.


StrongMom App is a rehab and training app for pregnant and postnatal. The app helps women stay strong throughout all stages of the pregnancy.


TADA was founded by a team of four individuals with backgrounds in design, engineering, management and medicine. We focus on medical infusions. 85 percent of hospitalized patients receive infusions. Up to 36 percent of these are accidentally dislodged leading to patient suffering and unnecessary healthcare costs in the billion-euro range worldwide. Our patent pending solution has the ability to mitigate most consequences of dislodgement accidents. Together, the TADA team intend to make infusion safer.


About 5% of the western world’s population suffers from a grip related disability due to eg arthritis, stroke or an injury. Tendo is a slim glove-like exoskeleton, which allows the user to regain their hand-function. Promoting independence both in- and outside the home, Tendo enables an improved lifestyle as well as possible savings for society and users. It’s a technical innovation that doesn’t only maximize function but also minimize the feeling of being limited. It´s for people, not symptoms


We create healthy habits for obese & diabetics by delivering personalised tools-for-selfhelp, based on self-mastery and CBT. Our wearable teaches habits in the moment they occurs, combined with a personal messaging service that nudges and supports the individual with relevant habit knowledge to form healthier habits. The secret sauce is our algorithm that predicts the best content to deliver to the end-user based on their habit profile.
We are providing an intelligent habitcoach that is personal, scaleable and low cost, that adapts to ones feedback and habit profile.


TracInnovations is working with smart innovation for image based diagnosis and treatment. Patient motion during medical scanning limits the potential of today’s advanced scanner technologies and TracInnovations unique markerless surface tracking system Tracoline, TCL is used for live monitoring of surface motions of in-bore objects during PET and MRI scanning.

Tummy Lab

Tummy Lab is a smart diary for sufferers of chronic stomach issues. Users register their food intake and symptoms in the mobile app, and receive powerful diet insights based on statistical analysis of the diary. This solution provides users with the means to collect and analyze a months’ worth of lifestyle data to detect patterns far beyond the reach of traditional stomach diaries.

The app is developed by an experienced team of serial entrepreneurs in co-operation with healthcare professionals and researchers.


Twoact helps people with dealing with kids and screentime, addiction, sleep, stress and anxiety disorders. Twoact provide information, knowledge and tools that we worked with in therapy. Our applications is an help to self help for the most common problems of today. We know that dealing with the problem at an early stage will prevent them from getting worse.


Ulocs develops non-intrusive wearable technology that interpret body movements into actionable analysis with an emphasis on the crossover between mental and physical illnesses and diagnosis.


Today, people who suffer from a stroke can be cured. Still, most stroke victims do not receive proper treatment in time. We want to change that. UmanSense aim to improve life by smart mobile solutions to medical challenges. With a human focus, our innovations are created at the crossroads of medicine, mathematical science, and mobile technology. We believe this approach also opens new possibilities for our society to provide the best possible care.


Uxaspira is the world’s first emotion tracker with molecular specificity and precision. Uxaspira analyses emotional responses to various content in real time. Our product helps create products and services embedded with emotional experience.


Elderly pays a high price for safety today; their lifeline, the safety alarm is not reliable. The safety alarm gives a false sense of security, this fact has had fatal outcome. Vevios is the future safety alarm for elderly and works as a cell phone in a bracelet. Vevios is activated with the patented Panic-Gripand gives a good communication and clear feedback between user and homecare until help comes. Vevios mobile safety alarm creates a freer and safer daily life.

Visiba Care

In today’s society, many of us do a great many things in the digital world – we shop, read, plan and communicate with colleagues, friends and family irrespective of where we find ourselves. And yet it is still not possible to make a simple visit to your own healthcare provider online. Our aim is to take advantage of available digital solutions to make healthcare the modern and accessible experience it should be.

Visiba Care is an e-health platform that allows healthcare providers to quickly and easily open their own digital practice. Together, we develop sustainable healthcare that is simple to use and accessible to all.


WarOnCancer is a digital health company aiming to make the world a better a place for everyone affected by cancer – today and tomorrow. We’re on a mission to accelerate healthcare through enhanced patient self-management, improved research and treatment programs, and more patient-centric delivery of care.

The company is currently developing the WarOnCancer App – a social platform for people fighting cancer – patients, survivors and loved ones – where members can connect, exchange knowledge, inspire and be inspired.


How are your employees? A Google Analytics for employees health. Our service Health Analytics facilitates creating sustainable organizations through increased employees wellness and engagement. Wellbefy help organizations to work smart and long-term with employees physical, mental and social health. Easy can organization get a overview of their total and their teams health status. Happy and healthy employee are more productive and will increase long-term revenue for the organization.