Vitalis 2020: Nordic e-health technology export internationally – but difficult to sell at home

The e-health industry in the Nordic region, and especially in Sweden, is growing strongly thanks to increasing global demand for high-quality and modern care solutions. The number of Nordic companies with new digital solutions that sell internationally is increasing rapidly. However, sales at home are slower. But covid-19 has became a catalyst that accelerated development.

There is widespread agreement that the healthcare sector needs to continue to be digitized in order to cope with an increasing number of patients and increasingly strained budgets. The e-health industry is still in its infancy, but already today there are a large number of well-proven solutions that have been developed and researched in the Nordic region, that could solve many of healthcare challenges. So why is the use of Nordic e-health solutions in the Nordic region not increasing at the same rapid rate as the use of Nordic e-health solutions internationally? Reluctance and inability seem to be part of the answer.

The digitalisation of health care not only leads to better care for patients and better working conditions for caregivers. It also leads to the emergence of a completely new industry – the e-health industry. The new e-health companies that form the basis of the industry are growing globally, but right now particularly fast in the Nordic region. This leads to new jobs in the region and new tax revenues that can be invested in, for example, further developing healthcare. In other words, using Nordic e-health solutions has a double effect.

Speakers appearance was made by Marianne Larsson, Innovation Manager at Innovation Skåne, and Dirctor at HealthTech Nordic. The lecture was part of the offer during the digital Vitalis in August 2020 and offers an introduction to the Nordic e-health industry as well as concrete tools to take advantage of the effects that the new solutions offer. Lecture is in Swedish


eHealth Award at Vitalis

eHealthAward 2018

The winner of the eHealth Award 2018 will be presented at the opening ceremony of Vitalis – the largest conference and exhibition on eHealth in Scandinavia.

eHealth Award 2018 kick off

eHealthAward 2018

Learn about the eHealth Award 2018, listen to inspirational talks on Vision eHealth 2025 and mingle with the HealthTech Nordic community.

Date: 31 January
Time: 9.30-11.30
Place: Ideon Square, Scheelevägen 15, Lund

The eHealth Award aim to promote Swedish entrepreneurs with an innovative product in healthtech. The criteria for the award are based on the Swedish government’s vision on eHealth for 2025. The winner of the award receives 50 000 SEK, IP consulting worth 40 000 SEK as well as important publicity. The winner is presented 24 April at Vitalis, the largest conference and exhibition on eHealth in the Nordics.

Nominations for the award is now open, read more and nominate your company at


9.30 Breakfast mingle

10.00 Welcome

Marianne Larsson, Innovation Director, Innovation Skåne AB and Jury Member eHealth Award 2018

10.10 Vision eHealth 2025

Carolina Vitabäck, eHealth Advisor, Knowit Insight

10.25 A changing industry

Sören Meelby, Head of Business Development, Capio Go

10.40 Presentation of eHealth Award 2018

Rebecca LaNasa, General Manager, Cerner Sverige and Jury Member eHealth Award 2018

10.55 Presentations of two startups nominated for eHealth Award 2018

Karthik Srinivasan, CEO, Next Step Dynamics

Björn Cronzell, CEO, POOW

11.15 Why the Nordics Matter in HealthTech

Marianne Larsson, Innovation Director, Innovation Skåne AB and Jury Member eHealth Award 2018

11.30 Lunch mingle

HealthTech Nordic startups met the 4 500 attendees at Vitalis

Our startup members AppInMed, Attensi, CheckWare, ContinYou, Daman, Learning to Sleep, Miiskin, MINJAPP, MOON Fertility, SidekickHealth, Tummy Lab, and Next Step Dynamics exhibited in the HealthTech Nordic stand at Vitalis, the largest eHealth event in Scandinavia with 4 500 attendees this year.

The effort on Vitalis aimed at increase the competitiveness of Nordic HealthTech startups, and their visibility on the market, giving health care providers access to the wide range of suppliers and digital health services.

– Vitalis is a big event which I think is really well-organized. The HealthTech Nordic project partners and the community made a huge positive difference for our participation, as we were connected with interesting people for our business, says Adreas Dam, CEO Daman.

– Vitalis is the perfect show room for healthtech companies aiming for the healthcare scene in Sweden and a great opportunity to meet decision makers and health care professionals and to expose the products and services to the end user. To be able to attend this year made a huge difference for us. We returned home with very valuable meetings scheduled in the following weeks, says Kristina Tägil, AppInMed.


The Nordic HealthTech Pioneers at Vitalis

HealthTech Nordic and 17 startup members from Sweden, Denmark and Norway will exhibit at the largest eHealth event in Scandinavia, Vitalis. Visit the HealthTech Nordic booth B07: 34, and discuss and test innovative HealthTech solutions.

The participation at Vitalis April 25-27 is a joint venture within the framework of the HealthTech Nordic project, aiming to increase the competitiveness of Nordic HealthTech startups, and their visibility on the market, giving health care providers access to the wide range of suppliers and digital health services. In addition, it’s an opportunity to present examples of how public health actors have dared to think differently and inspire new approaches. The participation at Vitalis is made possible with the financial support of Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak.

Vitalis attracts more than 3 600 attendees with the shared aim of building their knowledge and improving tomorrow’s health care.

– This is an opportunity to make our mark at home and show the strength of the Nordic HealthTech flora trough a selection of high potential startups, demonstrating some of the most interesting digital health services at the moment. We’re looking forward to extend our network and dialogue with healthcare provides, says Marianne Larsson, Director of HealthTech Nordic.

– In healthcare it’s extremly important – more than in any other space I know – to connect and meet with the stakeholders of the future ecosystem. Vitalis is an excellent place for up-comming healthtech companies to do this, says Jon Friis, Founder and CEO at Miiskin, one of the status presented in the HealthTech Nordic stand.

The participating startups are:

AppInMedAttensiCheckWareContinYouDamanLearning to SleepMiiskinMINJAPPMOON FertilitySidekickHealthTummy Lab, and Next Step Dynamics

See you in stand B07: 34!

Other HealthTech Nordic startups at Vitalis:

Arthro Therapeutics, booth B06:32
Coala Life, booth B08:06
Cross Technology Solutions, booth B09:02
Min Doktor, booth B02:40
Medanets, booth B02:20