The participating startups 2018

The largest healthtech investor forum in the Nordics

HealthTech Nordic hosts the HealthTech Nordic Investor Forum on Wednesday October 24 at Sahlgrenska Science Park in Gothenburg, Sweden. The Investor Forum brings together 14 of the Nordics most promising startups in healthtech and 22 international investors interested in the fast-growing industry.

The HealthTech Nordic Investor Forum is running for the second consecutive year, and the interest from investors for the fast-growing healthtech industry has increased significantly compared to last year.

– The interest from investors has grown enormously only over the past year, which is why we increased the number of investors participating in this year’s forum. Healthtech is an industry that grows rapidly and we see many promising Nordic startups with the possibility to become the healthtech equivalent to Spotify or Klarna, says Marianne Larsson, Project Manager for HealthTech Nordic and Director of New Industries and Innovation at Innovation Skåne.

HealthTech Nordic is a project representing 170 startups throughout the Nordic countries. It is the Nordic region’s largest gathering of healthtech startups, and the number of member companies is increasing continuously. The project’s primary objective is to create 700 new jobs in the region by helping the startups grow and rapidly establish themselves internationally. The project is following the steps of a completely new Nordic model, where the startups’ joint attractiveness assists in creating interest from investors and customers, not least internationally.

14 startups and 22 investors participate

The 14 selected Nordic startups participating in the HealthTech Nordic Investor Forum are: Aweria, Brain+, Cardiaccs, Coala, JodaCare, Kara, Learning to Sleep, Mevia. Miiskin, Monsenso, OnDosis, PubGene, SidekickHealth and Visiba Care.

The 22 investors participating are: Almi Invest, Bonnier Ventures, Chalmers Ventures, Crowberry Capital, Dendera, Endeavour Vision, EQT Ventures, GU Ventures, HadeanVentures, HealthCap, Industrifonden, Inventure, Luminar Ventures, NGT Partners, Norrsken, Northzone, Pfizer, PreSeed Capital, Schibsted Growth, Sciety, Televenture and Volvo Group Venture Capital.

Unique amount of capital present

Startups and investors from all the Nordic countries are participating, as are international (pan-European) investors.

– This is the Nordic’s largest investor forum associated with digital health. This is unique in the Nordic region and a great opportunity for the selected investors and startups to meet in focused discussions, says Carl-Peter Mattsson, Head of investor relations and capital issues, Sahlgrenska Science Park and HealthTech Nordic Investor Forum.

Last year’s HealthTech Nordic Investor Forum led to several investments and that’s also the objective of this year’s forum.

HealthTech Nordic is run by Innovation Skåne, Sahlgrenska Science Park, Smile Incubator and Invest in Skåne in Sweden, Cobis in Denmark and Norway HealthTech. The project is partly financed by the Interreg-Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak, the European Regional Development Fund.

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