Vitalis 2020: Nordic e-health technology export internationally – but difficult to sell at home

The e-health industry in the Nordic region, and especially in Sweden, is growing strongly thanks to increasing global demand for high-quality and modern care solutions. The number of Nordic companies with new digital solutions that sell internationally is increasing rapidly. However, sales at home are slower. But covid-19 has became a catalyst that accelerated development.

There is widespread agreement that the healthcare sector needs to continue to be digitized in order to cope with an increasing number of patients and increasingly strained budgets. The e-health industry is still in its infancy, but already today there are a large number of well-proven solutions that have been developed and researched in the Nordic region, that could solve many of healthcare challenges. So why is the use of Nordic e-health solutions in the Nordic region not increasing at the same rapid rate as the use of Nordic e-health solutions internationally? Reluctance and inability seem to be part of the answer.

The digitalisation of health care not only leads to better care for patients and better working conditions for caregivers. It also leads to the emergence of a completely new industry – the e-health industry. The new e-health companies that form the basis of the industry are growing globally, but right now particularly fast in the Nordic region. This leads to new jobs in the region and new tax revenues that can be invested in, for example, further developing healthcare. In other words, using Nordic e-health solutions has a double effect.

Speakers appearance was made by Marianne Larsson, Innovation Manager at Innovation Skåne, and Dirctor at HealthTech Nordic. The lecture was part of the offer during the digital Vitalis in August 2020 and offers an introduction to the Nordic e-health industry as well as concrete tools to take advantage of the effects that the new solutions offer. Lecture is in Swedish