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The HealthTech Nordic Capital Days 2021

Publicerad: 17 september, 2021 av Erik Sundberg |

The HealthTech Nordic Capital Days is a virtual matchmaking event allowing investors and HealthTech Nordic member companies to meet in focused and effective one-to-one meetings for two full days.

The HealthTech Nordic Capital Days is running for the sixth consecutive year, though previously known as the HealthTech Nordic Investor Forum. The event has previously been very successful in matching investors and healthtech startups.

This year’s event is fully digital and takes place 14-15 October.

50 companies are confirmed to attend the event. The companies solve issues ranging from diagnoses of cardiovascular disease, mental health, rehabilitation and everyday care. All of the selected companies are ready to further accelerate technology and business development to reach larger markets. Also investors from across two continents have signed up to attend.

For additional investors that wish to take part

The HealthTech Nordic Capital Days is an invite-only event. If you represent an investor that wish to take part, please reach out to HealthTech Nordic’s Christer Månsson at

Participating startup companies have a funding need of minimum €0,5M.

Despite the pandemic – healthtech companies continue to grow rapidly, creating better health and new jobs

Publicerad: 14 april, 2021 av Erik Sundberg |

Companies in the healthtech industry boosted their growth in 2020 as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, according to a new survey of the members of the HealthTech Nordic community. The companies, for example, hired more than 200 new staff during last year and as many as 74 % of the companies plan for additional recruitments in 2021.

Unlike many other industries, HealthTech Nordic’s member companies in the healthtech industry have continued to increase the number of new hires in 2020 and the companies are looking positively to the future. A third of the member companies in HealthTech Nordic’s survey state that the pandemic had a positive impact on their business during the year, mainly because the ongoing pandemic further accelerated the demand for digital healthcare solutions.

– The healthtech industry is growing rapidly, this has been the case for several years. The increase in 2020 is therefore logical, despite the impact of the pandemic. But unlike previous years, a larger number of companies are now growing, which indicates that digital health solutions are beginning to have a greater impact on the market and that customers are increasingly using the new services. Based on the results we’ve seen in this, as well as in previous, surveys I believe that we’ll see continued strong growth in the industry in the coming years, says Mikael Hilmersson, Associate Professor of Business Administration at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, who has conducted the survey on behalf of HealthTech Nordic.

On average, the companies that employed in 2020 employed 4,3 new people. Most new hires during the year had the Swedish companies Sidekick Health and Joint Academy with 32 and 30 new employees respectively.


The survey shows that the Nordic healthtech companies currently are present in 22 countries and that the solutions are used by close to 2,5 million people – the companies contribute to health improvements all over the world. However, according to the survey, it’s the increased demand in companies Nordic home markets that has driven growth in 2020, not the international demand that previous years’ surveys have shown.

– The industry’s characteristics means companies growth takes time. It seems that most companies build themselves up in their home market for a few years before expanding internationally. In this industry, so-called “born digital” or “born global” companies are, simply put, unusual. It takes time to break through in the healthtech sector, the companies that are gaining momentum now had their first sales between three and five years ago, says Mikael Hilmersson, Associate Professor of Business Administration at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, who has conducted the survey on behalf of HealthTech Nordic.

However, there are exceptions. In last year, Danish member company Miiskin reported the largest international sales with sales in 130 countries and with over 12 000 paying customers, mainly in the US, the UK and Australia. The company, which provides an app that helps users track skin changes, has since its inception established an average of sales in 26 new countries per year. The Swedish companies OnDosis and Remente also report comparatively large international sales in 2020.

  • 208 new jobs created in 47 companies in 2020, the companies stated, of which 63 new jobs in Skåne, 71 in Region Västra Götaland, 59 in eastern Denmark and 15 in southern Norway
  • 74 % of the companies stated that they will recruit in 2021
  • 45 % of the companies reported international sales in 2020, sales take place in a total of 22 countries and on all continents except Antarctica
  • The largest international markets in 2020, according to the survey, were another Nordic country, followed by the US, the UK and Germany
  • The companies reported a total of 72 437 paying customers
  • The companies reported a total of 2 430 166 users of their products and services
  • 35 % of the companies stated that the pandemic had a positive impact on the company in 2020, 55 % stated that the pandemic had a negative impact and 10 % stated that they were not affected at all by the pandemic
  • 81 % of the companies stated that they are satisfied, very satisfied or that the support provided by the community has been instrumental during the year. Opportunities for networking, coaching and financial support was valued the most according to the survey. In general, most satisfied with the support are member companies that are more developed than the average.

Survey method: Of HealthTech Nordic’s total of 232 member companies, the 164 companies based in the border region of Öresund, Kattegat and Skagerrak, ie in Skåne and Västra Götaland in Sweden, eastern Denmark and southern Norway, were surveyed. The companies were surveyed by telephone. A total of 104 member companies participated, which resulted in a response rate of 6 7%. The results have been compiled by Mikael Hilmersson, Associate Professor of Business Administration at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, on behalf of HealthTech Nordic.

The survey of HealthTech Nordic’s members has been conducted every spring since 2018. The survey is supplemented every autumn by a review of all member companies’ annual reports, the growth figures from the survey then usually increase significantly.

About HealthTech Nordic

HealthTech Nordic is the largest network for healthtech companies in the Nordics. The majority of the member companies are startups. By accelerating the development of the member companies and helping them to scale their solutions globally, HealthTech Nordic aim to contribute to create 1000 new jobs in the healthtech industry in the Nordic region between 1 January 2020 and 30 September 2022 and to contribute to create better health globally. The network has existed since 2017, during the first three years until December 2019, the member companies in the network created 751 new jobs (which exceeded the goal of 700).

HealthTech Nordic is a collaboration between six Nordic innovation actors: Innovation Skåne, Invest in Skåne, Sahlgrenska Science Park and SmiLe Incubator in Sweden and Health Tech Hub Copenhagen in Denmark and Norway Health Tech. HealthTech Nordic is partly financed by Interreg-Öresund-Kattegatt-Skagerrak, the European regional development fund.

Read more about HealthTech Nordic here and find out about our member startups here.

We won the EU’s European Enterprise Promotion Award

Publicerad: 26 november, 2019 av Erik Sundberg |

HealthTech Nordic has been awarded the European Commission’s European Enterprise Promotion Award.

–  The award is yet another acknowledgment that the public funds we use, including EU funds, are used wisely and that also EU see the project’s fantastic results – the many jobs created by the member companies and their contribution to better health in the Nordics as well as internationally, says Margareta Wallentén, project manager for HealthTech Nordic at Innovation Skåne.

European Enterprise Promotion Award awards the best European projects which support startups and entrepreneurship. Projects from all over Europe compete in six categories. HealthTech Nordic competed and won in category four, Supporting the Internationalization of Business. This year’s awards were presented during a ceremony late Tuesday in Helsinki, Finland. The European Commission’s European Enterprise Promotion Award has run continuously since 2006.

Already in July this year, the The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket) announced that HealthTech Nordic had won the national Swedish award which preceded the nomination for the European competition.

The Health Web

Publicerad: 18 juni, 2018 av Erik Sundberg |

Nordic healthtech empowers the individual – you, patients as well as professionals. It’s a paradigm shift, providing new and better ways of giving and receiving healthcare.

The HealthTech Nordic members, the healthtech suppliers in the health web, provide empowering new digital technology, enabling the paradigm shift. Together with healthcare professionals and patients, the new solutions not only lead to better health, higher quality of care, increased accessibility, proactive solutions and cost reduction. They also improve patient experience and working conditions for professionals. Individual problems and systematic challenges are being solved and it starts with empowering you. Many of the members’ solutions are applicable throughout the world, enabling a democratization of healthcare with affordable solutions.


You, patients and professionals, are in the center of the health web, represented in different situations as you use the various solutions that the HealthTech Nordic members provide. The nodes surrounding you are healthcare service providers and supporting infrastructure.

These are the eight groups into which the HealthTech Nordic members are divided:

  • Children and family
    These members facilitate and improve everyday family life including sexual and reproductive health by utilizing new technology as well as knowledge and data from across the globe to create proactive solutions.
  • Chronic conditions
    These members provide innovative technologies giving patients with chronic conditions increased access to medical information and enabling them to monitor and manage their health in unprecedented ways. Similarly, remote monitoring allows professionals and family to intervene when dangerous situations arise.
  • Disabilities
    These members empower people with disabilities by facilitating everyday challenges with the purpose of improving quality of life while allowing professionals and family to remote monitor and intervene when required.
  • Everyday healthcare
    These members promote a healthy lifestyle, good health and preventive actions through the use of empowering solutions and by providing better access to healthcare.
  • Everyday life of healthcare professionals
    These members empower healthcare professionals by for instance providing the information and triage tools necessary to identify the patients in greatest need of care, thereby improving healthcare, including patient safety.
  • Healthy ageing
    These members promote healthy ageing by empowering elderly to solve common challenges using individual tools for prevention and control, whilst allowing professionals and family to intervene when needed.
  • Mental health
    These members improve mental health through evidence-based methods and innovative proactive solutions, including using remote monitoring when desired.
  • Rehabilitation
    These members facilitate rehabilitation and interaction with professionals when needed through digital tools and treatment programs deriving from evidence-based methods and innovative technologies.

Find a larger version of the health web image here.