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Publicerad: 22 juli, 2021 av Elida Cimic |

ImagineCare makes it possible for you to have contact with your healthcare provider at a distance where you continuously report your health values, both manually and via sensor technology, and answer questions about symptoms and mood. ImagineCare is your tool for gaining an increased understanding of your health and thus better control. 


Publicerad: 22 juli, 2021 av Elida Cimic |

GuineaPig is a wellness center at Slack that helps your team stay healthy, happy and engaged.

Cogant Consulting

Publicerad: 19 juli, 2021 av Erik Sundberg |

Cogant™ Consulting is a Healthcare domain focused service provider. We help our clients to grow through solutions in the area of Market Entry/Business Development/Strategic interventions in South Asia and Middle East Asia.


Publicerad: 19 juli, 2021 av Erik Sundberg |

Our product WaitCure is a mobile web portal that offers cancelled and vacant health care appointments to waiting patients. The platform is integrated with EHR-/EMR-systems to automate the entire scheduling process, from patient interaction to scheduling, and the level of automation depends on the available integrations for each EHR-system. The EHR/EMR industry is currently changing rapidly, with a strong focus on interoperability and adjusting to the global FHIR standard.


Publicerad: 22 juni, 2021 av Erik Sundberg |

Symbio Me

Publicerad: 22 juni, 2021 av Erik Sundberg |

Gut microbiota profiling and information platform for the consumer market.


Publicerad: 16 juni, 2021 av Erik Sundberg |

RespiHeart is a new method for monitoring of respiratory and heart function. Based on optical measurement of blood flow in the sternum bone, respiratory and heart function can be monitored with very high precision. Through a small wireless sensor applied on the patient’s chest, RespiHeart registers respiratory rate, heart rate and oxygen saturation.


Publicerad: 14 juni, 2021 av Erik Sundberg |

1 in 3 people have a movement related disorder. We provide digital human movement analysis allowing health providers to be more accurate, faster and more objective in recording and analysing movement using augmented intelligence, for a fraction of the cost of a movement lab. We help people move well, so they can move more.


Publicerad: 25 maj, 2021 av Erik Sundberg |

Pulssir provide remote contactless monitoring of vital parameters and behaviour of elderly and bedridden people. Our solution is based on micro radars and analytical software that provides data on heart rate, breathing, abnormal behaviour and others. The solution gives notifications to the user, doctors and relatives, about the probable negative situation and saves people’s lives.

Droice Labs

Publicerad: 18 april, 2021 av Elida Cimic |

Understanding clinical data is a complex process because most information is hidden in long free texts, and it’s extremely time-consuming to find the relevant information when needed. Our artificial intelligence (AI) solution, Hawk, can sift through data from disparate patient data sources (EMRs, labs, claims, pharmacies etc) to generate high-resolution snapshots of patients and help key healthcare stakeholders make better patient care decisions in significantly lesser time.