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Selected solutions for Capio – A part of Ramsay Santé

HealthTech Nordic represent a fast-growing community consisting of more than 300 companies, improving the lives of millions, on every continent except Antarctica. We unite pioneers in the field of healthtech, aid selected world-class solutions for a smarter healthcare delivery with proven impact on health, hospitalization and costs. These new, validated solutions lead to better quality and accessibility, to proactivity, cost reduction and less admin. They improve patient experience and working conditions for professionals

In this space, you will find a selection of healthtech companies from our community of 300+ members which we consider could help overcome the challenges you are currently facing and address what’s keeping you up at night. All these are among different pressing areas within healthcare.​

The solutions we have selected have solid evidence and are in use on the market, with some exceptions which are close to being launched. We will constantly update this space, based on your experience with it and will be happy to refine the selection to be more relevant to your challenges.  ​

Did you find this useful and/or if you wish for more information, please contact HealthTech Nordic’s Aldo Vermiglio at​.


Chronic Pain ​

PainDrainer is a digital tool for patients with chronic pain, a problem affecting 20% of the population, powered by a proprietary AI. It is built on unique individualized data sets providing a 3600-degree patient-centric solution that will coach the patients on how to improve their quality of life, based on their own individual data.


Mental Health​

Based on CBT, Remente is an app and technology platform that promotes wellbeing, mental health and worklife integration for the workforce. It guides users from insight to action and reflection, providing resources and support in the process. It also allows the organization to understand the psychosocial work environment in real time, and act upon it.


Staff Shortage Efficiency​

A fully automated and integrated solution that solves the problem of wasted appointment slots in healthcare. It offers late cancelled appointments to patients that already have an appointment but want to shorten their waiting time, which increases efficiency, avoids backlogs, and saves resources.


Staff Shortage​

Cardiolyse provides an early screening and post-discharge CVD patient monitoring platform with cloud-based medical garde AI heart health analytics (CE class IIa), that enables remote vital sign monitoring and personalized patient reports for early diagnostics and better care.



Early Screening, Staff Shortage-Efficiency ​

Developing accessible breast cancer screenings by combining own developed AI and existing thermal sensors in smartphones to create a comfortable, portable and affordable solution to find early stages of breast abnormalities which can be breast cancer development in asymptomatic patients. Intended for healthcare units and their non-specialist personnel​.


Staff Shortage-Efficiency, On the Market​

There is a massive lack of radiologists available, meaning patients aren’t getting their diagnosis from their X-ray in time and with a high risk of misdiagnosis. Radiobotics is a clinical decision support tool (AI), able to automatically identify fractures on X-rays in seconds. MDR Cass IIa CE Marked, trained on 200 000+ X-rays, reduces missed fractures.

Mantis Photonics​

Early Diagnosis, Chronic Diseases

Mantis Photonics is developing a camera to take hyperspectral images of the retina –the window to your health- in order to catalyse the digital transformation of healthcare. With one snapshot image, we will screen for eye diseases (diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma etc.), cardio-vascular and neuro-degenerative diseases (Alzheimer, ALS etc.). ​