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HealthTech Nordic Knowledge Base

As part of your membership at HealthTech Nordic you have access to digital material from all the project partner organizations and network experts. ​

You and your team can view video recordings from past community meetings, get access to all the HealthTech Nordic digital tools, workshops, exclusive partner and expert sessions as well as useful start-up links. You will also find more information on all the available business advisors and links to our tools like Slack, Crowdworks and FIHR. The project will be updating the site with new material on a continuing basis. 

Here you will find all the tools you need to take your idea further

HealthTech Nordic Conference

The HealthTech Nordic conference 2022 

The HealthTech Nordic Conference 2020

The HealthTech Nordic Conference 2019

HealthTech Nordic Community Meetings

Competitive advantage by addressing accessibility and How a globally recognized metric to measure quality of life can strengthen your value proposition

Overcoming resistance – healthtech adoption and the fear of new tech

Social selling via video and LinkedIn, brand building in healthtech and insurance based healthcare – how does it work?

Why co-creation is a winner in healthtech and Experiences from successfully launching in the US

Established internationalization

Internationalization early entry

SDGs workshop – identifying your company’s impact

Information security

Trends in European healthtech – from a journalist perspective

Information Security, Successful procurement presentations and Market Foresight

Workshop on FHIR deep dive

Data ethics and healthtech

Internationalisation, Trends – the world right now

How healthtech relieves during and after covid-19

Interview on how to grow a team

Workshop on recruitment

COVID-19 and mental health

Continuation: COVID-19 and how to take care of your team and company in a crisis

COVID-19 and how to take care of your team and company in a crisis

Workshop on Distributions and Business models for international scaling

Workshop on Communication

Workshop on Growth Teams

Digital marketing for startups: Reaching your customers without breaking your budget

International expansion on a small budget

How startups can make use of incentive programs

Networks is the new main challenge in startup’s internationalization process

From 0 to 135 – a startup’s organizational journey

Marketing communications for startups: How to grow in a new market

HealthTech Nordic guest speaker at events

QALY – Presentation and Workshop

Vitalis 2022: HealthTech Nordic: Samhällseffekterna av healthtech i siffror

Vitalis 2021: Healthcare world-wide is changing – and existing healthcare systems need to change with it

Istället för Almedalen – Healthtech lösningar i världsklass i byrålådan – covid 19 tvingar fram implementering


This series of educational sessions, by Lean Entries, combined with the interactive tool Entries and one-to-one sessions with regulatory experts, serves to navigate faster, minimize risk and overcome some of the hurdles that you commonly face while developing safe health tech solutions for the European and global market. View the sessions here.