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The Health Web

Nordic healthtech empowers the individual, patients as well as professionals. It’s a paradigm shift, providing new and better ways of giving and receiving healthcare.

The HealthTech Nordic startup members, the healthtech suppliers in the health web, provide empowering new digital technology, enabling the paradigm shift. Together with healthcare professionals and patients, the new solutions not only lead to better health, higher quality of care, increased accessibility, proactive solutions and cost reduction. They also improve patient experience and working conditions for professionals. Individual problems and systematic challenges are being solved and it starts with empowering you. Many of the startups’ solutions are applicable throughout the world, enabling a democratization of healthcare with affordable solutions. Individual problems and systematic challenges are being solved, and it starts with empowering you.

Reading the health web

You, patients and professionals, are in the center of the health web, represented in different situations. The situations also represents the segments into which the HealthTech Nordic startups are divided, based on what solutions they provide. The nodes surrounding you are healthcare service providers and supporting infrastructure.

The eight segments into which the HealthTech Nordic startups are divided:

  • Children and family
    These startups facilitate and improve everyday family life including sexual and reproductive health by utilizing new technology as well as knowledge and data from across the globe to create proactive solutions.
  • Chronic conditions
    These startups provide innovative technologies giving patients with chronic conditions increased access to medical information and enabling them to monitor and manage their health in unprecedented ways. Similarly, remote monitoring allows professionals and family to intervene when dangerous situations arise.
  • Disabilities
    These startups empower people with disabilities by facilitating everyday challenges with the purpose of improving quality of life while allowing professionals and family to remote monitor and intervene when required.
  • Everyday healthcare
    These startups promote a healthy lifestyle, good health and preventive actions through the use of empowering solutions and by providing better access to healthcare.
  • Everyday life of healthcare professionals
    These startups empower healthcare professionals by for instance providing the information and triage tools necessary to identify the patients in greatest need of care, thereby improving healthcare, including patient safety.
  • Healthy ageing
    These startups promote healthy ageing by empowering elderly to solve common challenges using individual tools for prevention and control, whilst allowing professionals and family to intervene when needed.
  • Mental health
    These startups improve mental health through evidence-based methods and innovative proactive solutions, including using remote monitoring when desired.
  • Rehabilitation
    These startups facilitate rehabilitation and interaction with professionals when needed through digital tools and treatment programs deriving from evidence-based methods and innovative technologies.

Understanding the filter and the search

Segment is the main filter available in our startup search, use it to find startup members most relevant to you. The other available filters are:

  • Country, which represents the startup’s country of origin.
  • Target audience, which represents those who the startup’s sell, or intend to sell, their products to. For instance Primary care providers or Other industries such as occupational health or other healthtech suppliers. If you represent one of these target audiences we encourage you to try using the corresponding filter.
  • Diagnose, which is used to find startups providing solutions for dealing with specific diagnoses. Please note that many of the startups’ solutions can be used for a wide variety of diagnoses, using this filter however finds startups specializing in a specific diagnose.

Apart from filters there’s also the possibility to search using keywords, for instance based on technology such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and big data.

Please note that information on some member companies have yet to be published on our website.

Do browse our startup members, chances are that you find many very intriguing. And don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions.