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AI-analysis of staff behavior predicts sick leave absence

Posted on juni 16, 2022

SynPlan is an AI solution that helps healthcare organisations optimise workforce planning. Using advanced AI and ML technology, SynPlan systemises the analysis of historical data as well as new experiences when new data arrives. By processing all available sources of staffing data, SynPlan can, for instance, predict future sick-leave absence and related budget spending.

The planners get an outlook of short- or long-term staffing and can reduce the time spent on workforce planning and scheduling. At the same time, they can adjust their plans, moving the right resources to where or when needed the most. Having the right plan helps keep the budget under control by not overspending on unexpected temporary employees. Currently, SynPlan is helping more than 10,000 healthcare workers from Norwegian municipalities be more productive. The customers report 6.7% cost savings, a 25% increase in full-time employees and 50% time-saving in planning tasks.

– Having a more predictable day also improves the work environment, efficiency and comfort of the staff, says Hai Thanh Nguyen, CEO of SynPlan.

– Our primary customers are municipalities, hospitals and healthcare organisations that provide offerings of nurses, doctors and pharmacists. These organisations have a high rate of sickness absence and staff turnover, which affects both patients and customers, says Hai Thanh Nguyen, CEO of SynPlan. 

With an ever-growing demand for healthcare professionals and an ageing population, efficiency and good planning are essential to meet challenges. Having combined expertise in the field of AI and healthcare, SynPlan wants to empower healthcare organisations with more innovative and more efficient tools in their workforce planning process. Their goal is to provide support for a tedious and time-consuming task that ultimately will benefit the humans behind the work and those receiving the services.

The SynPlan solution is developed by the company Vnnor AS in cooperation with the Norwegian municipality of Trondheim. SynPlan helps companies, organisations, and individuals build products and develop services using the most advanced AI & ML technologies. The team consists of longtime experienced individuals from both industry and academics, and the former Norwegian Minister of Health, Werner Christie (MD), is a member of the board.

SynPlan at HIMSS

SynPlan is a member of the HealthTech Nordic network and is selected to present at their pavilion 410 at the HIMSS conference in Helsinki on 15-16 June, and in conference room 206, 16 June, 10.30-11.30 am.

Contact: Binh Le, SynPlan: