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Posted on juni 9, 2022

Meet a selection of Nordic healthtech solutions with proven impact on health, hospitalization and costs, at the HIMSS Health Conference & Exhibition in Helsinki, 14-16 June.

At a time when the EU is investing €673bn in “recovery and resilience” of which at least €13bn is targeting investment in digital health transformation, politicians, healthcare, and IT leaders have a bigger-than-ever opportunity to advance the digital transformation of the health systems. HealthTech Nordic, one of the largest communities in the segment with its 300 members, aims to contribute to this paradigm shift by supporting the growth of a selection of companies with smart processes and patient centric tools.

HIMSS features knowledge, expertise and thought leadership in healthcare digitisation, as well as entrepreneurs and investors showcasing the latest and most innovative healthtech. In pavilion 410 you meet members of the HealthTech Nordic network, companies within patient empowerment and DTx (Digital Therapeutics) – a variety of successful solutions improving health by efficiently engaging the patient, and healthcare profession empowerment – highly appreciated tools for more and better care, and less admin.

-These companies have proven impact on health, hospitalization, and costs says Marianne Larsson, Founder and Director of HealthTech Nordic.

-Among our members over 200 solutions are already available on the market: keyboard detection of brain diseases, care for mental health and chronic conditions, secondary prevention and much more, resulting in fewer days in hospital, increased access to healthcare and healthier patients.

-We want to show off our members, amazing new products and services that undisputedly makes healthcare more sustainable, provdies better health and better distribution of resources. Individual problems and systematic challenges are actually being solved as we speak, and you are welcome to take part in this paradigm shift as a customer, professional, user, partner or investor, says Marianne Larsson, Founder and Director of HealthTech Nordic.

The Nordic region features world-class healthcare, life science and research institutions, mobile technology, highly skilled hardware and software expertise, design and a thriving gaming industry. HealthTech Nordic creates an agile hub for a world class selection of smart processes and patient centric tools that emerge from all this inspirational knowledge.


Welcome to pavilion 410 at HIMSS Helsinki and our presentations 15 June 1.30-2.30 pm in conference room 207 and 16 June, 10.30-11.30 am in conference room 206. Selected member companies will do short presentations of their solutions, some within patient empowerment and DTx (Digital Therapeutics) – a variety of successful solutions improving health by efficiently engaging the patient, and some focusing on healthcare profession empowerment – highly appreci- ated tools for more and better care, and less admin. The meetings are facilitated by Marianne Larsson, Director of HealthTech Nordic.


Care to Translate – A digital medical translator that enables communication between healthcare professionals and patients. 

Cuviva AB – A scalable platform that connects the individual with health care professionals and relatives.

KAMU Health Ltd – Digital control and therapeutics for respiratory care.

Learning to Sleep – A sleep therapy program, combines app-based technology and human interaction with trained psychologists.

Patient Journey App – Personalized healthcare digitally delivered.

Popit Ltd – Improve adherence and access patients with Popit’s certified solution.

SelfBack – Advanced, AI self-management system for back pain to constantly ensure the optimal treatment.


Sensotrend – Diabetes remote monitoring, integrated to electronic health record systems and clinical workflows.

LifePod by Cross Technology Solutions – LifePod a platform for remote monitoring of patients that automatically identifies patients with greatest needs.

Doctrin – Digital solutions that enable better care. For everyone. 

Kutchy – National approved e-ID for safe online customer service and in app identifications.

SynPlan (by VNNOR AS) – Better staff planning with AI, saving time & cost for 10k+ healthcare workers.

Cardiolyse – Certified and AI Enabled Heart Health Analytics for Chronic and Post-discharge Patient Remote Monitoring.