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Remote monitoring can predict a stroke two months before it occurs

Posted on juni 10, 2022

Cardiolyse enables remote vital sign monitoring and personalized patient reports for early diagnostics of cardiovascular disease (CVD) patients – basically it can predict a stroke two months before it occurs.

Cardiolyse adds value to primary as well as secondary prevention, giving early signs to healthcare professionals and engaging patient self-managed care says Normunds Daudiss, CBDO of Cardiolyse.

Cardiolyse provides a chronic and post-discharge cardiovascular disease (CVD) patient monitoring platform with cloud-based heart health AI analytics. The Heart Health Analytics platform features:

  • Automatic rest ECG & Holter ECG, as well as HRV data analysis
  • Cardiac risk assessment and monitoring
  • Warnings of personal behavioral changes
  • Device agnostic solution

The platform takes raw heart health (ECG, HRV) data and turns them into actionable insight, for caregivers and doctors to take the appropriate action. The risk-stratification and decision support Scoring System can be used for different patient groups (chronic, post-MI, CAD, post AF ablation, etc).

– Intervention at the right time leads to fewer physician office visits, fewer dangerous heart events and less hospital readmissions. Cardiolyse provides a win-win situation for patients, hospitals and insurance companies, says Anna Starynska, CEO of Cardiolyse.

Solution consists of following key parts:

  • Standard ECG analysis – 19 arrhythmias
  • Myocardial damage – determines the dynamics of myocardial changes and determines the effectiveness of therapeutic measures
  • A patented Universal ECG Score System – quantitative assessment of patient’s condition. This method is non-specific but sensitive for evaluating the effectiveness of therapeutic measures and has a proven predictive value 2 months in advance in relation to the outcome of a number of diseases.

The analytics modules and the whole cloud architecture are ideal for remote patient monitoring. It includes secured data storage, web dashboard, and applications for patients, as well as supervisory access and report editing software for caregivers.

Cardiolyse at HIMSS

As a member of the HealthTech Nordic network Cardiolyse is selected to present at pavilion 410 at the HIMSS conference in Helsinki 15-16 June. You can also listen to Cardiolyse presenting in conference room 206, 16 June, 10.30-11.30 am.  

Contact: Normunds Daudiss, CBDO Cardiolyse,