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Sensotrend offers remote monitoring solutions for diabetes

Posted on juni 17, 2022

Sensotrend data integration solutions Sensotrend Connect and Sensotrend Uploader integrate with both medical devices and wellness trackers, and offer the most comprehensive set of data available on the market.

Sensotrend Dashboard, a data visualization tool combines data from multiple sources and derives actionable insights to assist in treatment of diabetes.

Sensotrend’s comprehensive Care Plan for Diabetes structures the best practices for diabetes treatment into an app. It highlights any gaps in treatment and focuses on the goals and life events of the patient.

Both the Dashboard and the Careplan are fully integrated with clinical workflows and can show the view of the patient with a single click on any SMART or CCOW capable electronic health record system.

With all its products, Sensotrend’s approach to data sharing is both secure and privacy-preserving, and respects patients’ rights over the use of their data. It has been recognized with several awards. Sensotrend is a founding member of the MyData Global organization and an awarded MyData Operator. Sensotrend is also one of the winners of Sitra’s Fair Health Data Challenge, and part of the first use case under implementation in the Gaia-X Health network.

– Healthcare systems around the world are renewing their services through digitization. The key to digitization is data, and we need to build the mechanisms to access the data in the right way, right from the start. We need to acknowledge the role of the patients, and respect their perspectives says Mikael Rinnetmäki, founder of the company.

Sensotrend at HIMSS

Sensotrend is a member of the HealthTech Nordic network and is selected to present at the HIMSS conference in Helsinki 14-16 June. Welcome to listen to their presentation 16 June, 10.30-11.30 am in conference room 206.

Contact: Mikael Rinnetmäki,