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User-friendly E-health platform helps elderly and healthcare professionals prioritise

Posted on juni 14, 2022

Frail elderly and patients with multiple chronic diseases account for 50% of society’s healthcare costs. This group is steadily increasing in number and proportion, and they are living in their own homes. Still, most of today’s digital healthcare solutions are not intended for them.

Cuviva is a user-friendly platform that connects the individual with health care professionals and relatives, providing personalized health services, real-time communication, and shared patient data. It manages all personal needs regarding medication, food, health monitoring, training, and social contacts. The user can choose interface depending on individual capabilities and preferences and communicate via symbols, text, voice, or video. The individual has control of personal data and can decide whom to share it with – not just the healthcare professionals but also friends, loved ones or patient organisations.

– For the caregiver, real-time patient data is processed, analysed and presented in order to help doctors and nurses prioritize their work, a sort of efficient decision support to help them make safe and informed decisions. We need to dramatically change the way things always have been done, where every caregiver creates their own records, based on random patient appointments in the past, says CEO Henrik Cederqvist.

– A large proportion of patients end up in acute conditions, leading to high social costs and severe personal suffering, totally unnecessary. With Cuviva the healthcare providers get to take measures based on real time data and patient experience, says CEO Henrik Cederqvist.

The Cuviva solution consists of four modules offering unique possibilities to cover all aspects of healthcare and safety at home. The safe and secure cloud services provide analysis, machine learning, cognitive services, and bench marking. The open API framework supports all sensors, devices, and wearables that can be added to the eco system regardless of brand and functionality. Therefore, different types of medical conditions and personal needs can be supported and managed digitally.

Cuviva at HIMSS

Cuviva is a member of the HealthTech Nordic network and is selected to present at their pavilion 410 at the HIMSS conference in Helsinki 14-16 June. You can also meet them 15 June 1.30-2.30 pm in conference room 207.