Join us for the HealthTech Nordic Conference 2020

Thursday 3 December at 15-17.00 CET

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Join us for the conference and allow us to engage you in the healthtech movement, at the verge of bringing better health for all, with the same resources. Showcasing vast improvements already in place in pockets of the healthcare systems – better quality and accessibility, proactive solutions, cost reduction and improved patient experience and working conditions for professionals. Together, we are changing world care.


Welcome and introduction
Moderator Anett Falussy, Head of Communication & Community, Health Tech Hub Copenhagen

The Perfect Storm, as 2020 was the year in which healthtech took a giant leap proving its worth:

Outlook from HealthTech Nordic perspectives
Aldo Vermiglio, Innovation Manager Health, Innovation Skåne

Key views on covid-19 and healthtech solutions from the healthcare providers perspective
Towa Jexmark, Head of innovation, Ramsey Santé
Per Ola Kimblad, Deputy CEO, Skåne University Hospital

The Future is Here, as 2021 is the year when healthtech is bound to cement its place as a cornerstone in health going forward:

HealthTech Nordic startup members changing world care
Fredrik Westman, Founder and CEO, Careligo
Cathrin Jung, Marketing Manager, Cross Technology Solutions
Jon Friis, Founder and CEO, Miiskin
Noora Kinnunen, Marketing Coordinator, Medanets
Jakob Dahlberg, Founder and CEO, Joint Academy
Kim Baden-Kristensen, Founder and CEO, Brain+

Outlook South America
Jose Luiz Barbosa, Innovation Hands-On Management of HealthTech at Creera Consultoria
Clemente Nobrega, Consultant esp. Healthcare Physicist, Nuclear Engineer Author, Innovatrix

Not one, but two world breaking news!

Panel 1 on global democratization of health
Jonas Svensson, Head of Global Innovation and Technology, UNOPS
Felicia Lindoff, Founder & CEO at Sino-Scandinavian Innovation & Entrepreneurship Centre
Magnus Gunnarsson, Principal, Strategy Consulting Digital Health Product- and Business Development, Gson LLC
Silvia Arispe, Human Rights & Citizen Security Lawyer, Former Director Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations Peru

Panel 2 on global democratization of health
Thordur Reynisson, Senior Advisor, Nordic Innovation
Mikael Rinnetmäki, Founder, Sensotend
Saemundur Oddsson, Co-founder and CMO of Sidekick Health
Marianne Larsson Director HealthTech Nordic

Empowering Nordic
HealthTech for life

HealthTech Nordic represents a community of fast-growing Nordic startups, offering a variety of empowering world-class healthtech solutions. The new solutions empower the individual, patients as well as professionals. It’s a paradigm shift, providing new and better ways of giving and receiving healthcare.



Join our community

Startups, entrepreneurs and pioneers in healthtech are welcome to join the HealthTech Nordic community. Startups and entrepreneurs based in the Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak region can also qualify for the HealthTech Nordic Fast Tracks.


We’re connecting the dots

HealthTech Nordic accelerates the growth of startups and unite pioneers in the field of healthtech. Together, we advance ideas and unite resources to address worldwide healthcare needs while creating new jobs in the Nordics. Together, we can change world care.


Thu 03

HealthTech Nordic Conference 2020

December 3 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


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