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Publicerad: 18 april, 2021 av Elida Cimic |

VoiceMed identifies illnesses by combining sound analysis and artificial intelligence (AI). We are currently focused on covid-19 and other respiratory diseases. We aim to help companies that wish to monitor the health of their employees, our vision is to empower everyone, everywhere, with knowing their well-being.

Medicus AI

Publicerad: 18 april, 2021 av Elida Cimic |

Medicus AI is helps people understand their health by explaining their medical reports and health data to them in a personalized, easy-to-understand, and visual way. Medicus AI is based on artificial intelligence (AI) that converts and interprets health data into an interactive experience with easy-to-understand explanations, personalized health insights and smart wellbeing coaching for users to stay or become healthy.


Publicerad: 18 april, 2021 av Elida Cimic |
StethoMe is a smart way of asthma monitoring. We provide an artificial intelligence (AI) enhanced lung and heart screening system which enables more efficient and accurate diagnosis and provide support in disease monitoring. Our main products are an electronic stethoscope and AI algorithms – developed and ready to be implemented. We also provide full flexibility in terms of integration and API for the doctor’s analytical panel.

Beta Medtech

Publicerad: 18 april, 2021 av Elida Cimic |
Our devices help caregivers/clinicians to predict and prevent the pressure injuries for bedridden patients.


Publicerad: 18 april, 2021 av Elida Cimic |

IPDx developed the technology that will unlock the immune system, similar to how next generation sequencing unlocked genomics and kickstarted the precision medicine revolution. Our first application is a simple diagnostic test for endometriosis, which is currently only diagnosed with an invasive procedure.


Publicerad: 18 april, 2021 av Elida Cimic |

Fighting morbid obesity with weight-loss surgery: the problem of weight regain in 50% of patients. Bariatric surgery success = 30% operation + 70% behaviour change Patients need support with building healthier habits! MyHabeats the first behavioural change app for post bariatric surgery patients helping them form new healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes that last. The digital assistant designed to support both surgeons & patients in making the success of weight loss surgery last!


Publicerad: 18 april, 2021 av Elida Cimic |

The primary challenge with neurodegenerative diseases and psychiatric disorders is that existing biomarkers are neither objective, detailed, nor cannot be easily reproduced. NeuraMetrix’s goal is to enable dramatically better care of patients with these diseases and disorders by providing physicians and researchers with an exceptionally precise and accurate biomarker measurement of brain health. For more information see


Publicerad: 18 april, 2021 av Elida Cimic |

Poor digitalization has caused healthcare to lag behind in resource management with a supply-demand related issues for virtually any resource in healthcare. Koroid is a cloud-based, enterprise-level SaaS platform for data-driven logistics and resource management in healthcare. Koroid enables healthcare providers to manage and deploy staff and resources in an automated manner to improve clinical outcomes and reduce cost, through a combination of smart software, AI/ML-powered tools and analytics.


Publicerad: 18 april, 2021 av Elida Cimic |

CureAssist is an artificial intelligence (AI) on-demand assessment and remote diagnostics platform. The platform enables users, regardless of their location, to get first level assessment of their health, diagnosis by a medical professional, access to preventive care services (including dietary and coaching) without having to leave their home or workplace.