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Archive for juni, 2022

Sensotrend offers remote monitoring solutions for diabetes

Publicerad: 17 juni, 2022 av Elida Cimic |

Sensotrend data integration solutions Sensotrend Connect and Sensotrend Uploader integrate with both medical devices and wellness trackers, and offer the most comprehensive set of data available on the market.

Sensotrend Dashboard, a data visualization tool combines data from multiple sources and derives actionable insights to assist in treatment of diabetes.

Sensotrend’s comprehensive Care Plan for Diabetes structures the best practices for diabetes treatment into an app. It highlights any gaps in treatment and focuses on the goals and life events of the patient.

Both the Dashboard and the Careplan are fully integrated with clinical workflows and can show the view of the patient with a single click on any SMART or CCOW capable electronic health record system.

With all its products, Sensotrend’s approach to data sharing is both secure and privacy-preserving, and respects patients’ rights over the use of their data. It has been recognized with several awards. Sensotrend is a founding member of the MyData Global organization and an awarded MyData Operator. Sensotrend is also one of the winners of Sitra’s Fair Health Data Challenge, and part of the first use case under implementation in the Gaia-X Health network.

– Healthcare systems around the world are renewing their services through digitization. The key to digitization is data, and we need to build the mechanisms to access the data in the right way, right from the start. We need to acknowledge the role of the patients, and respect their perspectives says Mikael Rinnetmäki, founder of the company.

Sensotrend at HIMSS

Sensotrend is a member of the HealthTech Nordic network and is selected to present at the HIMSS conference in Helsinki 14-16 June. Welcome to listen to their presentation 16 June, 10.30-11.30 am in conference room 206.

Contact: Mikael Rinnetmäki,

Patient Journey App enables clinics to streamline their process, reduce costs, and improve health outcomes

Publicerad: 17 juni, 2022 av Elida Cimic |

Patient Journey App allows healthcare providers to share information with their patients and their families through every step of treatment. An interactive timeline engages patients in their healthcare by sending them the right information at the right time. Patient Journey App focuses on continuously improving their services to help 100+ hospitals and clinics meet today’s healthcare challenges with over 600,000 users in 18 countries.

Conceived in collaboration with an orthopaedic surgeon, Patient Journey App is designed to empower patients through education, maximise time spent during in-person consultation, and ensure fewer missed appointments and cancelled surgeries. Using the app can also lead to fewer readmissions and shortened hospital stays by sending patients important medication and recovery reminders and allowing healthcare providers to capture and respond to real-time feedback.

The app enables healthcare professionals to remotely monitor patients and collect important data such as pain scores, therapy adherence, healing progress, and PROMs (Patient Reported Outcome Measures). Using this information, the app can direct patients towards more specific advice to help improve overall health outcomes. Push notifications can be used to remind patients about of things like fasting protocol, wound care guidelines, physiotherapy exercises, or medication instructions.

– In modern medicine, patients are provided with information about pain management, physiotherapy exercises, and wound care, as well as everyday things like how long after surgery they can shower. However, people are only capable of processing a limited amount of information at one time, and therefore often leave the hospital with limited knowledge and confidence to take care of themselves says Dr Thomas Timmers, CEO and co-founder of Patient Journey App.

– By receiving push notifications patients are reminded of important information that is relevant at specific moments of treatment, helping them better understand what matters most, even after they have been discharged says Dr Thomas Timmers, CEO and co-founder of Patient Journey App. 

A recent study showed that compared to usual care, Patient Journey App was effective in improving health outcomes for 69% of patients. Effectiveness increased to 82% when the intervention had a duration shorter than one month and 78% when the intervention provided at least one push notification per week. The intervention of the app had the highest impact on patient satisfaction with information, adherence to treatment instructions and medication usage, clinical outcomes, and overall knowledge.  

PatientJourney App at Himss

Patient Journey App is a member of the HealthTech Nordic network and is selected to present at their pavilion 410 at the HIMSS conference in Helsinki 15-16 June. You can also listen to Patient Journey App presenting in conference room 207, 15 June 1.30-2.30 pm.  

AI-analysis of staff behavior predicts sick leave absence

Publicerad: 16 juni, 2022 av Elida Cimic |

SynPlan is an AI solution that helps healthcare organisations optimise workforce planning. Using advanced AI and ML technology, SynPlan systemises the analysis of historical data as well as new experiences when new data arrives. By processing all available sources of staffing data, SynPlan can, for instance, predict future sick-leave absence and related budget spending.

The planners get an outlook of short- or long-term staffing and can reduce the time spent on workforce planning and scheduling. At the same time, they can adjust their plans, moving the right resources to where or when needed the most. Having the right plan helps keep the budget under control by not overspending on unexpected temporary employees. Currently, SynPlan is helping more than 10,000 healthcare workers from Norwegian municipalities be more productive. The customers report 6.7% cost savings, a 25% increase in full-time employees and 50% time-saving in planning tasks.

– Having a more predictable day also improves the work environment, efficiency and comfort of the staff, says Hai Thanh Nguyen, CEO of SynPlan.

– Our primary customers are municipalities, hospitals and healthcare organisations that provide offerings of nurses, doctors and pharmacists. These organisations have a high rate of sickness absence and staff turnover, which affects both patients and customers, says Hai Thanh Nguyen, CEO of SynPlan. 

With an ever-growing demand for healthcare professionals and an ageing population, efficiency and good planning are essential to meet challenges. Having combined expertise in the field of AI and healthcare, SynPlan wants to empower healthcare organisations with more innovative and more efficient tools in their workforce planning process. Their goal is to provide support for a tedious and time-consuming task that ultimately will benefit the humans behind the work and those receiving the services.

The SynPlan solution is developed by the company Vnnor AS in cooperation with the Norwegian municipality of Trondheim. SynPlan helps companies, organisations, and individuals build products and develop services using the most advanced AI & ML technologies. The team consists of longtime experienced individuals from both industry and academics, and the former Norwegian Minister of Health, Werner Christie (MD), is a member of the board.

SynPlan at HIMSS

SynPlan is a member of the HealthTech Nordic network and is selected to present at their pavilion 410 at the HIMSS conference in Helsinki on 15-16 June, and in conference room 206, 16 June, 10.30-11.30 am.

Contact: Binh Le, SynPlan: 

Smart pill tracker reduces missed doses by over 80%

Publicerad: 16 juni, 2022 av Elida Cimic |

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) 50 percent of patients miss taking their medicine. Among many reasons, forgetting is the biggest one. And the consequences can be serious: unplanned pregnancies, heart failure, psoriasis outbreaks, respiratory difficulties are some. Popit’s smart medication tracking solution provides an 81 percent reduction in number of missed medications and enables a 40 percent shorter med-taking time window. This increased adherence and engagement results in improved patient care and better treatment outcomes. Simply put: better health for the patients and money saved for the society. 

– This is not only a solution for the patient. For the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals Popit offers a channel to access the patient, as well as to optimize the outcome of the treatment, which is crucial to be able to measure and claim the real effect, says Teemu Piirainen, CEO at Popit.  

Popit Sense is a small, connected device, designed together with healthcare professionals. The device is clipped on to the pill sheet and it uses patented sensor technology to monitor when pills are taken. Medication use is then automatically recorded in the free Popit app, where the patient can follow the adherence. She can also send the dosing data to her healthcare professional. The Popit app sends a reminder only if the patient has missed a pill, so there are no needless reminders. In addition to getting pill consumption data the patient can log pills manually and see the time until next dose. The medication consumption data can be used for research through Popit Cloud.

– Popit can really help improve treatment outcomes, not only by reminding of the daily doses but also by increasing the awareness of when missed doses occur, says Teemu Piirainen CEO at Popit.

A study showed an increased adherence to birth control pills when using Popit’s solution: Without the alert system, 46% (11 women) forgot to take one or more pills during the first one-month period. When the on-demand reminder system was turned on during the second month, 8% (2 women) forgot one or more pills. 

Popit Sense has a battery life of up to 12 months and a Bluetooth range of up to 30m/100ft. It is a clinically validated, stable solution with unique and patented technology. Popit is CE certified, registered with the FDA and in the process of registering the solution in Australia. The company processes have been audited by some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Popit has won several innovation awards internationally and has been working with several major international pharmaceutical companies to improve adherence for their medication brands.

Popit at HIMSS

As a member of the HealthTechNordic network at the HIMSS conference in Helsinki Popit will present in pavilion 410 and in conference room 207, 15 June 1.30-2.30 pm.

Contact: Timo Heikkilä, COO & Founder, Popit +358 50 487 3728

KAMU Health – Digital control and therapeutics for respiratory care.

Publicerad: 15 juni, 2022 av Elida Cimic |

With good care, most asthmatics can lead a secure and balanced life. The secret lies in consistent guided self-care: monitoring the lungs regularly and taking your treatment medication as agreed with your doctor. It takes effort but doesn’t have to be difficult.

KAMU is designed to make asthma management as easy and effortless as possible – to help maximize the number of symptom-free days.

Combining years of medical, technology and business expertise and experience, KAMU’s team has put together a high-quality, CE-marked service that helps the asthma patients monitor their lung condition and collaborate better with their healthcare professionals.

With a connected, hospital-grade spirometer the patient tests their lung function at home. With a single exhale, they get FEV1, FEV1/FEV6, FVC and PEF values. The spirometry results are saved in KAMU Spiro’s memory until uploaded to the KAMU Asthma app, where the patient can view them any time and track the symptoms, triggers and use of medication with a quick questionnaire. By keeping an eye on the trends, the patient can even learn to predict changes and act, for example adjust the medication dosage, before symptoms occur.

– In fact, we’ve taken this a step further and provide a relevant, local weather and air quality forecast, so that the patient can prepare for the day or maybe try to avoid areas with the most triggering conditions, and follow their personal exposure to pollutants in the air, says KAMU Health CPO Seppo Salorinne.

Once in contact with the healthcare, the asthmatic can easily download reports from the KAMU app and share them with their doctor or nurse.

Chronic respiratory conditions such as asthma and COPD are becoming increasingly more common and costly for employers and the healthcare systems. Asthma alone causes the loss of over 5 billion disability-adjusted life years (DALY) in the EU every year, according to WHO.

Founded in 2017, KAMU was built on the thought that patients living with asthma, COPD and other respiratory conditions deserve an equal opportunity for digital therapeutics and remote care as patients with other chronic conditions. KAMU Cloud offers a ready-to-use user interface for professionals and deployment can start in minutes. Advanced API is available for large scale rollouts, including built-in access control authentication methods enabling single sign-on for healthcare users utilizing existing credentials. Integration is also possible through the FHIR Smart API for EHR systems. Fully HIPAA and GDPR compliant, CE-marked Medical Device as per European Medical Devices directive. No integration is mandatory as users can also share data in PDF format with their care personnel. Research on respiratory illness and treatment adherence could be valuable for approval of new medicines.

KAMU Health at HIMSS

KAMU Health is a member of the HealthTech Nordic network and is selected to present at their pavilion 410 at the HIMSS conference in Helsinki 14-16 June. You can also meet them 15 June 1.30-2.30 pm in conference room 207.

Contact:  Seppo Salorinne CPO,

Doctrin redefines care pathways with digital consultation platform

Publicerad: 15 juni, 2022 av Elida Cimic |

Doctrin offers a telemedicine platform for healthcare providers. The company was the first of its kind in Sweden. Today, their solution has helped more than 4 000 000 patients seek healthcare in more than 300 clinics in four markets.

The Doctrin platform offers dynamic medical questionnaires for the patients to fill out; questionnaires that are automatically translated into a comprehensive medical report for the healthcare provider, enabling fast and accurate medical decisions and documentation. The platform is easy to implement and use, regardless of previous digital experience – a success factor in the sometimes stressful work environment that healthcare can be.  

Digital healthcare improves not only the access to healthcare but also the continuity of care. By implementing the Doctrin platform at one of Stockholm’s largest healthcare units, 49 percent more patients got to see their own doctor in at least half of the consultations. The share of patients who got a same-day call back increased from 73 to 97 percent (Sweden has a goal of 100 percent same-day call back). The productivity increased: 33 percent more patients were helped per worked clinical hour. 

– In 2021, we launched Doctrin Network, a solution that enables advanced collaboration between healthcare units, says Anna-Karin Edstedt Bonamy, M.D and CEO of Doctrin.

– This enables a seamless patient journey where patients are guided within, and have access to, the healthcare provider’s entire eco-system, without geographical limitations, says Anna-Karin Edstedt Bonamy, M.D and CEO of Doctrin. 

Together with large European healthcare providers, Doctrin works to intelligently digitalise for a seamless and integrated patient journey, to the benefit of patients, clinicians, and healthcare providers. The company is active in Sweden, Norway, the Czech Republic, and the United Kingdom. 

Doctrin at HIMSS

Doctrin is a member of the HealthTech Nordic network and is selected to present at their pavilion 410 at the HIMSS conference in Helsinki 14-16 June. You can also meet them 16 June, 10.30-11.30 am in conference room 206

Contact: Johanna Ahlberg,, Tel +46 725 399 751

Safer healthcare with a digital medical translation tool

Publicerad: 14 juni, 2022 av Elida Cimic |

Not being able to understand each other can have devastating consequences in healthcare. Language barriers make already vulnerable patients more insecure and their explanation of symptoms as well as the doctors’ treatment instructions can be misunderstood. Care to Translate is a digital medical translator that strengthens patient safety, increases efficiency, and reduces costs.

Care to Translate helps healthcare professionals and patients communicate in over 40 languages. The translations are verified by native speakers with medical expertise, and available in both text and audio, 24/7, on your smart device.

– The quick access to accurate translation of medical terms or expressions can be crucial when the doctor takes the anamnesis of an emergency case or informs a patient of a complication says Maja Magnusson, Co-founder and COO of Care to Translate.

– Just to be able to introduce yourself properly and explain the examination could calm the patient and create a trust that you need for the continued doctor-patient relation, says Maja Magnusson.

During his first year of the medical program at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Linus Kullänger, the founder-to-be of Care to Translate was placed at a health center in a migrant-dense area. Shocked by the language confusion, he and his classmates initiated a highly appreciated language course for healthcare professionals, but soon realized it wasn’t enough. In the spring of 2017, they launched the first translation app, supported by The Swedish Medical Association’s Student Association, and the success was immediate with 1,500 downloads in two days. In 2018 the first version of the current app was released. 

Care to Translate was founded as a nonprofit organization and still helps several other nonprofit organizations with medical translations, free of charge: Doctors in the World, Medical Volunteers International, Sea-Eye and IFMSA-Sweden. A basic version of the app is cost free to download for patients, and there are three premium versions for paying customers, depending on the number of users and clinics and extent of support, analytics, and customization. So far 560 000 users have communicated with help from Care to Translate. 

– Since the war in Ukraine, we also offer the full version of the app for free to clinics and organizations helping Ukrainian refugees. We are a small company, but we are happy to be able to do something to help people in this horrible situation, says Maja Magnusson. 7000 translations have already been performed to or from Ukrainian, the newest language in our app.

Care to Translate at HIMSS

Care to Translate is a member of the HealthTech Nordic network and is selected to present at their pavilion 410 at the HIMSS conference in Helsinki 14-16 June. You can also meet them 15 June 1.30-2.30 pm in conference room 207.

Contact:  Maja Magnusson, Co-founder and COO 

AI boosted self-management system has documented effect on low back pain

Publicerad: 14 juni, 2022 av Elida Cimic |

Low back pain (LBP) is the leading cause of years lived with disability globally and is costly to societies due to sickness absence, lost productivity, and healthcare costs. SelfBack is a digital therapeutic powered by artificial intelligence, proven to reduce pain by 39 % on average.

It’s an advanced system, where the patient a tailormade self-management plan in their smartphone, including a personalised exercise program, updated, and adapted to the user’s abilities and progress on a weekly basis. Based on the continuous input of user data it ensures a constantly developing knowledge base to support the best possible, individual treatment suggestion.

Studies shows that LBP is associated with a range of other conditions such as anxiety and depressed mood, osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, gastrointestinal, and respiratory disorders. Multimorbidity, the coexistence of two or more long-term conditions is a growing global challenge, with negative impacts on health care utilization, mortality, and quality of life. LBP is also the third most common reason for individuals in the United States to visit their primary care physician.

Evidence-based self-management support that is tailored to the needs and abilities of the patient is recommended as part of the first-line treatment for nonspecific LBP. However, primary care physicians generally lack the time, resources, and training to deliver such support, and adherence to self-management recommendations without feedback or reinforcement is challenging for most patients.

An international RCT study with 461 participants showed a 32 % better outcome for those using SelfBack, compared to care not complemented by SelfBack. The SelfBack app provided weekly recommendations for physical activity, strength and flexibility exercises, Cognitive behavioral therapy, and daily educational messages. Self-management recommendations were tailored to participant characteristics and symptoms. A 39 % pain reduction was achieved on average, compared to when users started using SelfBack.

– SelfBack aims to support the patients outside of the clinical environment, helping towards a pain-free daily life, says Søren Kleberg, CEO of SelfBack.

– With a smart and individually tailored self-management program we see the potential to increase quality of life and enhance current patient pathways with a digital component. This saves both time and monetary resources in the field of low back pain, says Søren Kleberg, CEO of SelfBack.

To achieve this, SelfBack implements evidence backed elements from the national clinical guidelines by offering personalized exercise program, cognitive behavioral therapy, comprehensive educational material, activity goal setting, motivational messages and reminders which help promote good adherence and increase the chances for a positive outcome, as well as a First Aid Kit for acute pain flare ups and sleep and relaxation help.

SelfBack at HIMSS

To learn more about the NHS England digital pathway case and how SelfBack can facilitate Telehealth 2.0 solutions, please visit SelfBack at the HealthTech Nordic Stand. SelfBack is a member of the HealthTech Nordic network and is selected to present at their pavilion 410 at the HIMSS conference in Helsinki 14-16 June. You can also meet them 15 June 1.30-2.30 pm in conference room 207.

Contact: Søren Kleberg

User-friendly E-health platform helps elderly and healthcare professionals prioritise

Publicerad: 14 juni, 2022 av Elida Cimic |

Frail elderly and patients with multiple chronic diseases account for 50% of society’s healthcare costs. This group is steadily increasing in number and proportion, and they are living in their own homes. Still, most of today’s digital healthcare solutions are not intended for them.

Cuviva is a user-friendly platform that connects the individual with health care professionals and relatives, providing personalized health services, real-time communication, and shared patient data. It manages all personal needs regarding medication, food, health monitoring, training, and social contacts. The user can choose interface depending on individual capabilities and preferences and communicate via symbols, text, voice, or video. The individual has control of personal data and can decide whom to share it with – not just the healthcare professionals but also friends, loved ones or patient organisations.

– For the caregiver, real-time patient data is processed, analysed and presented in order to help doctors and nurses prioritize their work, a sort of efficient decision support to help them make safe and informed decisions. We need to dramatically change the way things always have been done, where every caregiver creates their own records, based on random patient appointments in the past, says CEO Henrik Cederqvist.

– A large proportion of patients end up in acute conditions, leading to high social costs and severe personal suffering, totally unnecessary. With Cuviva the healthcare providers get to take measures based on real time data and patient experience, says CEO Henrik Cederqvist.

The Cuviva solution consists of four modules offering unique possibilities to cover all aspects of healthcare and safety at home. The safe and secure cloud services provide analysis, machine learning, cognitive services, and bench marking. The open API framework supports all sensors, devices, and wearables that can be added to the eco system regardless of brand and functionality. Therefore, different types of medical conditions and personal needs can be supported and managed digitally.

Cuviva at HIMSS

Cuviva is a member of the HealthTech Nordic network and is selected to present at their pavilion 410 at the HIMSS conference in Helsinki 14-16 June. You can also meet them 15 June 1.30-2.30 pm in conference room 207.

Swedish quality sleep in five steps

Publicerad: 13 juni, 2022 av Elida Cimic |

Learning to Sleep offers a sleep therapy program that combines app-based technology and human interaction with trained psychologists. 94% of the participants in a clinical study stated that they got better sleep after finishing this five-step treatment program.

– Getting a good night’s sleep is primarily all about having a good life balance and doing what’s right for you – at least that’s what we call “Sleep like a Swede”, says co-founder and CEO Michael Gustafsson.

Your treatment starts with an assessment call with one of the company’s licensed psychologists, to identify your underlying sleeping issues. Common problems are stress, anxiety, waking up several times during the night, having a hard time falling to sleep or waking up way to early. This talk is set to help the psychologist find the best treatment solution for you based on CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and it is the form of treatment that is currently best suited, according to research and the National Board of Health and Welfare, for you with long-term sleep difficulties.

The program runs for five consecutive weeks and includes thought management, sleep routines, sleep diary and training. You get tasks, exercises and “homework” to do and the results are continuously evaluated by the psychologist who gives you feedback, and presents new methods and strategies based on CBT, when needed.

Learning to Sleep stands for digital and site-independent care with quick access to assessment and treatment. The platform is developed as a SAAS and can be licensed as white label to other caregivers and individual therapists. Last year the turnover doubled as more patients found their way to the program.

– With everything going on in the world, the worries and stress of it all is affecting our sleep. There’s an increased demand for Digital Therapeutics I can only see a continuous growth for Learning to sleep, says CEO Micael Gustafsson.

Learning to Sleep is a registered caregiver at Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare the treatment program is CE-marked and registered at The Swedish Medical Products Agency. The program is developed in Sweden and now also available in the UK. Learning2Sleep L2S AB (publ) was listed at Nasdaq First North Growth Market in February 2022. They recently bought Symbio Me AB, a company focusing on gastrointestinal microorganisms and their connection to health and disease.

Learning to Sleep at HIMSS

Learning to Sleep L2S AB (publ) is a member of the HealthTech Nordic network, and is selected to present at their pavilion 410 at the HIMSS conference in Helsinki 14-16 June. You can also meet them 15 June 1.30-2.30 pm in conference room 207.

Contact: Micael Gustafsson, CEO