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Du använder Internet Explorer, en webbläsare som slutade utvecklas 6 november 2013, för över 10 år sedan. Den 31 januari 2020 upphörde även alla säkerhetsuppdateringar vilket innebär att webbläsaren, förutom funktionella och utseendemässiga brister även kan utgöra en säkerhetsrisk. Du rekommenderas starkt att uppgradera till en modernare webbläsare, t ex Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox eller Microsoft Edge. Tala med din systemadministratör.
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Publicerad: 18 april, 2021 av Elida Cimic |
StethoMe is a smart way of asthma monitoring. We provide an artificial intelligence (AI) enhanced lung and heart screening system which enables more efficient and accurate diagnosis and provide support in disease monitoring. Our main products are an electronic stethoscope and AI algorithms – developed and ready to be implemented. We also provide full flexibility in terms of integration and API for the doctor’s analytical panel.


Publicerad: 18 april, 2021 av Elida Cimic |

We provide national approved e-ID for safe online, customer service and in app identifications. For large healthcare providers, we provide EU required identification for organizations domain and API client certificate, the QWAC, just like the open banking requirement. That is where the safe exchange of information between national healthcare providers, boarder controls and remote patient journeys starts. We protect users and corporations from phishing!


Publicerad: 18 april, 2021 av Elida Cimic |

Diact, next generation e-health tool for diabetes management, utilizes AI to provide novel insights to both patients and diabetes care teams. Categorization and ranking of the patient cohort, based on risk metrics, facilitates care matching and efficient patient management at the clinic. Bespoke analysis of the individual patient’s data provides automated second opinions on optimization of therapy settings and adjustments of insulin doses.


Publicerad: 18 april, 2021 av Elida Cimic |

Cuviva is providing an innovating system for communication with, and monitoring of, multi chronic disease patients and fragile elderly, at home. Everything centered around the individual, with easy-to-use interfaces. Through sensors, vital parameters are collected wirelessly, and between the patient and the healthcare provider, video and text communication is provided.


Publicerad: 18 april, 2021 av Elida Cimic |

Up to 50% of all children between the ages 2-5 will experience problems with foods during their childhood. Circa 25% of these children will get the diagnose selective eating disorder. This results in a stressful mealtime situation for the whole family all the way from cooking the food to eating it.


Publicerad: 18 april, 2021 av Elida Cimic |
CheckWare is for hospitals and municipalities that use clinical measures and want to provide digital self-reporting and self-management to their patients. The solution automates the delivery and scoring of measures, enables Internet-based treatment supported by clinicians and is adjustable to any care pathway and can be integrated with the EHR and other relevant systems. CheckWare is used by over 250 healthcare organizations. CheckWare increases organizational efficiency and patient engagement.