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Publicerad: 9 januari, 2024 av susanne hertzberg |

10% of Emergency Department (ED) visits are caused by abdominal pain. PERIsign is a revolutionizing diagnostic aid for assessment of patients with abdominal pain in the ED. By utilizing non-invasive sensors to deliver fast, objective, and reliable measurements, PERIsign enables an accurate assessment early in the care flow. PERIsign contributes to increased ED efficiency and reduced costs by increasing patient flow, reducing the need of personnel resources, and decreasing the use of x-ray.

Cognes Medical Solutions

Publicerad: 28 november, 2023 av susanne hertzberg |

Cognes is developing a scalable screening tool utilizing machine learning technology to identify digital biomarkers of dementia at an early stage, a smartphone-based solution to tackle today’s time-consuming and costly diagnostic process. There is great need for scalable, non-invasive and cost-effective digital solutions to stratify patient recruitments for clinical trials and accelerate disease-modifying drugs to get to the market.


Publicerad: 18 oktober, 2023 av susanne hertzberg |

Hublet’s technology drives the increased adoption of digital services for organisations requiring curated content sharing, and the use of secure and loanable tablet devices. We have delivered Hublet Solution to 900+ locations (Libraries and Health Facilities) in 20 countries. Hublet Solution empowers the utilisation of digital content as an effortless, secure, cost-effective and reliable service delivering equal and data-secure access to the digital world for everyone.

Carenet Longevity

Publicerad: 18 oktober, 2023 av Elida Cimic |

A pioneer in interoperability for critical hospital areas, Carenet drives digital transformation in the healthcare ecosystem, focusing on the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), interoperability and orchestration of patient telemetry data. Capable of collecting and analyzing patient data in real time, it offers essential information to improve the efficiency of clinical processes, impacting both the well-being of healthcare professionals and the agility in decision-making and patient safety.

Sensorbolaget i Skåne

Publicerad: 17 oktober, 2023 av Elida Cimic |

We bring digitalization to the elderly in carehomes and any home. With sensors we help to make daily life more secure when you get older and your body cant be trusted.


Publicerad: 17 oktober, 2023 av susanne hertzberg |

Bliksund is the preferred provider of software solutions to Nordic emergency & healthcare services through our operations management software (GRID), ePCR software (EWA) and live video streaming (IncidentShare). Since 2019, Bliksund has been the nationwide provider of ePCR software to the Norwegian Regional Healthcare Authorities. Bliksund provides what you need to get digital control, insight, and common situational awareness, both in everyday work and emergency situations.


Publicerad: 12 oktober, 2023 av Elida Cimic |

Founded in 2018, MedBeat excels in creating advanced cardiac devices, aiming to lower global stroke and sudden cardiac death rates through continuous heart rhythm monitoring. Currently, they’re prioritizing growth, certifications, and market reach, powered by a nine-member team skilled in healthcare and tech.


Publicerad: 12 oktober, 2023 av Elida Cimic |

inHEART provides a digital twin of the patient’s heart to better plan and guide cardiac interventions on patients with arrhythmias.


Publicerad: 6 oktober, 2023 av Elida Cimic |

Letterlife is a data-driven precision health tool for girls and women with ADHD. It visualizes the interplay of hormones, symptoms, and lifestyle throughout the female lifespan. By tracking hormonal fluctuations, treatment effects, and real-life outcomes, Letterlife enables tailored, evidence-based pharmacological treatment and self-care. It aims to reduce time to diagnosis, ensure access to healthcare interventions, empower self-efficacy, and promote self-care for girls and women with ADHD.

Dialog Therapy

Publicerad: 28 september, 2023 av susanne hertzberg |

Dialog Therapy is a web-based product for adults with aphasia and the speech therapists that treat them. The problem is that patients, with current practices, don’t get optimal intensity of language rehabilitation. With Dialog Therapy speech therapists can create exercises, including speech-based exercises, and share individualized exercise plans with their patients. Combining sessions with their speech therapists with home-based exercises using Dialog, intensifies the rehabilitation process.