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Du använder Internet Explorer, en webbläsare som slutade utvecklas 6 november 2013, för över 10 år sedan. Den 31 januari 2020 upphörde även alla säkerhetsuppdateringar vilket innebär att webbläsaren, förutom funktionella och utseendemässiga brister även kan utgöra en säkerhetsrisk. Du rekommenderas starkt att uppgradera till en modernare webbläsare, t ex Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox eller Microsoft Edge. Tala med din systemadministratör.
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1-2% of the adult population and 5-8% of children have food allergies. Even more people follow a certain food theory for reasons such as health effects, diets, religious or environmental reasons. Here we have a huge problem, many want to choose a certain type of food but cannot because it is too difficult. With eatersmap you can easily create your personal food profile by selecting maps (eggs, gluten, palmoil, added sugar and more), then you scans the foods barcode and gets a ok or not.

SpearPoint Analytics

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Welcome to SpearPoint Analytics, leaders in advanced medical prognostics. Founded by a dedicated team of medical and tech experts, we focus on our revolutionary Prostate Cancer Aggressiveness Index (PCAI) prognostic method. Upheld by our core values of accuracy, innovation, patient-centeredness, and operational brilliance, our distinct approach distinguishes us in the realm of prostate cancer prognosis.

Tylcon MedTech

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Health implants enable continuous measurement of health parameters in patients. The measurements are completely digital, continuous and create better assessment and decision-making basis. The measurement results are transferred to mobile applications with AI solutions.


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We focus on helping pharmacies feel secure in their business and stay ahead of the competition, so they never have to struggle with industry standards or offering quality patient care. Our all-in-one digital platform creates a seamless, integrative experience, ensuring that you can focus on what’s most important: your patients. Let Digital Pharmacist propel your pharmacy into the future.


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JE utveckling och förvaltning

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We provide a playful digital communication tool to increase children’s participation in health and social care, developed with support from clinical research at Halmstad University.

The tool consists of an app, where children interact in a virtual environment to describe their thoughts and feelings. For the organisation, there is a platform where the child’s work can be followed up and provide the conditions for a care process based on the child’s perspective and needs. This in turn leads to better resource allocation and increased quality.


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Airofit is the smart breathing trainer that helps you build breath strength in your respiratory muscles and increase lung capacity.  Made to increase athletic performance and improve your well-being.

Sina Care

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