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Zound Medical

Publicerad: 22 juni, 2021 av Elida Cimic |

War On Cancer

Publicerad: 22 juni, 2021 av Elida Cimic |

We aim to radically improve the mental health of everyone affected by cancer, through the War On Cancer social networking app. User get to share their journeys, connect, and find people in similar situations.

Symbio Me

Publicerad: 22 juni, 2021 av Elida Cimic |

Gut microbiota profiling and information platform for the consumer market.

Ward 24/7

Publicerad: 16 juni, 2021 av Elida Cimic |

Wireless Assessment of Respiratory and circulatory Distress (WARD) offers continuous 24/7 observation of high-risk patients with real-time alarms through innovative machine learning algorithms (ML) in a clinical support system.


Publicerad: 16 juni, 2021 av Elida Cimic |


Publicerad: 16 juni, 2021 av Elida Cimic |

Sensotrend makes life with diabetes easier. We combine data from medical devices and wellness trackers, derive actionable insights from the data, and facilitate sharing the information with healthcare professionals and peers, and for research purposes.


Publicerad: 14 juni, 2021 av susanne hertzberg |

Musculoskeletal problems affect 1 in 2 people, with 100M people in the EU with chronic pain and 40% without a diagnosis.
Qinematic is a movement intelligence company that develops and licenses Moovment(R) software to help people move well so they can move more. It is used by health professionals to quickly record and analyse human movement in 3D, and by consumers to track their progress using 2D video from a mobile phone. Corrective exercises and results are shared in a web application.


Publicerad: 11 juni, 2021 av susanne hertzberg |

Videm enable quick and accurate diagnostics of infectious diseases through a point-of-care device, applicable for all pathogens and suitable for multiplex testing. Today’s diagnostics require transport to laboratories, different tests for different infections, and the average time to result is several days. With Videm, the primary care can perform in-house diagnostics, using one test for several infections and give test results within one hour, while saving both time and money.


Publicerad: 10 juni, 2021 av Elida Cimic |

Ovulai is a personalized fertility guide that helps women with irregular menstrual cycles to finally understand their overall hormonal health and wellbeing in hopes to improve on their chances of becoming pregnant by interpreting and combining the body naturOvulai AB is the first femtech company to develop a digital care program for chronic menstrual disorders such as PCOS. Our app is based on the latest evidence-based research about lifestyle treatment and offers personalized management programs with curated knowledge combining dietary, exercise and cognitive behavioral intervention in a digital form. We aim to make care programs for chronic menstrual disorders easily accessible and actionable so our users can achieve an improved quality of life.


Publicerad: 10 juni, 2021 av Elida Cimic |

1/3 will at some point get cancer (globally 18M people every year), a disease associated with suffering and long recovery. The numbers of cancer patients are growing, but the survival rate increases, which means we have an increasing number of cancer survivors with life-long side effects from their treatment. Oppioo integrates individualized cancer rehabilitation in an early stage, to reduce side effects, complications, risk of relapse as well as speed up recovery and increase well-being.